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Title: When The Band Came To Town
Author Name: H. Lewis-Foster
Publication Date & Length: April 8, 2015 – 30,000 Words


In the swinging Sixties, life gets rockin’ for Jeff McInnery when a new band plays at the local pub. Caught up in lead singer Danny Speed’s cool, Jeff sneaks a kiss. But being found out as homosexual could stop Danny’s hot career fast, and even land him in jail. With harsh words, Danny leaves to head for fame and fortune while Jeff starts university. On campus, Jeff meets Archie Ballatine, a history student living as openly as possible. It’s an exciting new world of sex and friendship for Jeff, but then the band comes back to town.

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I enjoyed this story about Jeff back in the fifties.  But the best part was the ending, in present time.  Loved how the author brought a  very nice closure to the story.  It was written well and I’m sure was very realistic to the times.I absolutely loved Jeff for standing up for something he believed in and making the choice that made him feel proud and what was right for him.  The relationship that developed between Archie and Jeff was captured amazingly by the author.

I didn’t feel a “wow” with the book, but it still was a very enjoyable  read



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“So what’ll you be studying?”

Jeff prepared for the usual perplexed reaction when he gave his answer. “Philosophy, would you believe? God knows what I’ll do with my degree when I’ve finished.”

“You’ll fathom the secrets of the universe, Jeff.” Danny sounded utterly serious as he stubbed out his cigarette in an ashtray. Then he broke into a grin. “Now come and have a dance.”

“What?” Jeff was sure Danny must be taking the piss.

“You heard me.” Danny stepped onto the dance floor and was soon moving to the music. His hips were twisting, his knees bending, and his backside gyrating in an unbearably provocative way. “Or do philosophers not lower themselves to such things?”


H. Lewis-Foster lives in the north of England and has always worked with books in one form or another. As a keen reader of gay fiction, she decided to try writing herself and is now the proud author of several short stories and a debut novel ‘Burning Ashes’.

H. likes to create characters that are talented, funny and quite often gorgeous, but who all have their faults and vulnerable sides, and she hopes that you’ll enjoy reading their stories as much as she loves writing them. H. has also ventured into playwriting and was thrilled to see her first play performed at the Southend Playwriting Festival.


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