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Title: The Visitor
Author Name & Publisher: Evey Brett (Lethe Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 24, 2016 — 24 Pages


When John finds himself wandering along a muddy road, he has no idea how he got there or why he’s covered in bruises. The only clue is the uniform identifying him as a footman from the nearby Rothingham Hall – and the mere thought of returning there terrifies him.

When the kindly Lotd Vanderley finds him, John is taken in and provided with a new position as well as comfort and safety. His wounds heal, all except for the bloody marks on his neck which refuse to mend. Then the nightmares come, allayed only by the tender, erotic comfort provided by an anonymous male visitor in the night.

Slowly, John begins to piece together his past, but once unsettling truths come to light, he must risk everything in order to end a legacy of fear and suffering – and to prove his loyalty to a man he’s forbidden to love.

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This is ashore story about a young man named John who has no clue where he came from or what happened to him. He is taken in by Lord Vanderley. That is when all the weird things he is frightened of from his dreams start becoming a reality that he never knew existed.

This book as I said is a short story that takes place back in the day when Lords of the manor where present and when homosexuality was not accepted and people was killed for it.

This short story is about the conflicting emotions one feels about being a man and being attracted to another man even though it is in a time that is unexpected. It is about that man being confused and scared but also excepting to those feelings and pleasures. But it also a short story about both good and bad vampires and the experience one can go through when encountering both the good and bad vampires. Last but not least, it is about excepting ones fate and the love that should not be for many reasons.

It is a quick read but it is a very interesting story. I found I was constantly trying to figure out what happened to John to cause him to not remember and I never came up with what actually happened until Evey was ready to reveal it in the story.

Very good short story with twist and turns.



A wonderful story was revealed in very few words. I enjoy books like this. They keep my imagination from going stagnant. You’ll find a lot of mystery, some romance, and a quite a bit of nail biting suspense.

After being rescued from the side of the road, found beaten and unable to remember anything, John is taken in by Lord Vanderley. He is given a Footman position while he heals from his injuries. Although he is grateful for the home and the kindness shown to him, John is haunted by his nightmares at all hours of the day as well as in his dreams. Until he is visited by someone during the night, who eases his nightmares and soothes him into restful sleep.

As time goes on John pieces together memories and snippets of his past. Certain smells and names bring unpleasant thoughts and the nightmares begin again. And just like the first time, the stranger returns to John’s bed in the middle of the night to ease his mind. When John is reconnected with his former owner, all the horrible memories of that night he was found by Lord Vanderley come rushing back. Including the unspeakable things John was forced to do because his former Master held a spell over him. John begs Lord Vanderley to forgive him, only to discover Lord Vanderley is hiding secrets of his own. Together they free John from his former demons and ignite their passion for each other.

I am shocked at how a book with so few pages could hold so much story line. The story was well written held my attention to the end.



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Evey Brett lives in southern Arizona at the behest of her Lipizzan mare, Carrma, who forces Evey to do terrible things like take her for walks and rides and feed her copious amounts of carrots and horse cookies. When not serving her equine mistress, Evey has attended workshops such as Clarion, Taos Toolbox, the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Writers, and earned an MA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.

Evey also writes queer SF/F as Nica Berry.


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