TWO 5 Stars for Thaw (PsyCop #1.1) by Jordan Castillo Price #MM #Paranormal


Title: Thaw (PsyCop #1.1)
Author Name: Jordan Castillo Price
Publication Date & Length: February 3, 2008 – 4 pgs


Victor Bayne is a PsyCop, a psychic medium who sees dead people as plainly as if they were alive. People assume that Vic’s psychic abilities are his only talent, but in Thaw, he shows his boyfriend Jacob that he’s got other secret skills up his sleeve.

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5 Sweet Stars!!
Siiigh! More Victor and Jacob, and in a sweet, short story!
I love getting to know these tough-ass cops, on a more personal, romantic level.
I enjoy every word of Jordan Castillo’s writing. It is thoughtful, and heartfelt. I know we expect men to be tough, but sometimes it is REALLY nice to see a vulnerable side. It doesn’t make them weak, just very human! And that’s what I get when I read Jordan Castillo’s words…warms my heart!!
Still reading this series, and loving it!
Reviewer: Kimberley
This was a super short, super sweet read. I liked the little side slice we got of Victor and Jacob outside of the main story lines and the tenderness we normally sort of pass by because there is so much going on in their lives in the other books.
As usual Ms Castillo Price does an excellent job of sucking us in and making us feel the characters joy and love.
I can’t wait for more of Victor and Jacob’s story and more from Ms. Castillo Price.


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Author and artist Jordan Castillo Price is the owner of JCP Books LLC. Her paranormal thrillers are colored by her time in the midwest, from inner city Chicago, to small town Wisconsin, to liberal Madison.

Jordan is best known as the author of the PsyCop series, an unfolding tale of paranormal mystery and suspense starring Victor Bayne, a gay medium who’s plagued by ghostly visitations. Also check out her new series, Mnevermind, where memories are made…one client at a time.

With her education in fine arts and practical experience as a graphic designer, Jordan set out to create high quality ebooks with lavish cover art, quality editing and gripping content. The result is JCP Books, offering stories you’ll want to read again and again.


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