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Title: Riley Parra Season Two (Riley Parra #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Geonn Cannon (Supposed Crimes LLC)
Publication Date & Length: April 12, 2011 – 342 pgs


The war between Heaven and Hell has been reignited, and Riley Parra is caught in the middle of it.

Following Riley’s actions during her trial, the battle between Heaven and Hell has been reignited. Riley barely has time to recover before she’s thrown into the middle of a serial killer investigation. Dubbed the Angel Maker, the killer strikes seemingly at random and uses his victim’s blood to paint angel wings around the body. While Riley tries to track down the killer, she also has to try and identify her counterpart, the champion chosen to represent the side of evil.

In the course of her investigation, Riley is forced to confront everything she once believed, from her own sanity to secrets being kept by her closest friends. With the help of her seraphim partner, Caitlin Priest, and her human partner, Gillian Hunt, Riley rejoins the battle between angels and demons with only one goal: to keep herself and her friends alive.

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Rarely does a sequel live up to the original book, but this book is one of the exceptions.
Once again Riley is dealing with forces from Heaven and Hell aided by her guardian Angel and  her girlfriend Gillian.
The plot has many twists and turns as they try to capture a serial killer. However it is the strength of the characters as well as the intriguing plot that makes this book such a fantastic read.
The characters develop along with the captivating plot. Priests continues to amuse with some very dry humour along with her humanisation. We see glimpses of Riley’s past life as her character continues to evolve. Riley and Gillian’s love life thrives adding yet another dimension to this gripping novel.
The ending, once again, is very original and unexpected.
I can’t  recommend this second book highly enough and I eagerly look forward to reading season 3, of this totally addictive series.
I began this book expecting it to follow the same highs and lows of the first in the series and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Riley is a character that settles into your being and makes you adore her despite her flaws and her issues, both of which she has many of. She learns, she grows, she hurts and she rejoices like any real person would and it makes her endearing and, occasionally, a bit maddening.
Her relationships with the other characters are each fraught with their own ups and downs, most hosting pasts and memories that make them set on rough waters and leaves the reader torn on where they should end. The plot, as with the first book, was action packed but never lost sight of what it was meant to be. It flowed from the line of the first seamlessly and left you feeling like you really were watching this as a show rather than reading it.
The development of secondary and supporting characters through this second installment was perfectly orchestrated and you truly believe the turmoil, joy, pain, loss and growth of each of them. There were a couple spots in the story where I was forced to put the book down and walk away for a little while, the emotional hit was just too much and it caused me to need a break. I love this in a book and when I can find one with characters I care enough about to hurt when they do, it’s a win as far as I’m concerned. I’m very much looking forward to the third in the series!


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