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Title: Riley Parra Season Three (Riley Parra #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Geonn Cannon (Supposed Crimes LLC)
Publication Date & Length: February 8, 2012 – 439 pgs


Following the unexpected sacrifice at the conclusion of the Angel Maker case, Riley struggles to get things back to normal. While trying to pick up the pieces, Riley also must face the possible loss of her closest ally. Meanwhile, Gail Finney and her demonic guardian increase efforts to stop Riley and win the war. Soon Riley discovers a building that may hold the key to the war’s end and realizes that winning the war may come with a cost she’s not willing to pay.

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Once again Mr Cannon has produced another sensational story line and riveting read. This time Riley’s early life is explained and shows how she became the woman she is today. Her work partner Caitlin’s character  is also enriched and the emotion her mortality brings to the book is enriching. Gillian and  Riley’s personal relationship is interwoven into this captivating sequel.
The introduction of the angel Sariel was pure genius adding even more interest as well as humour. Other strong characters like Riley’s opposite number and Riley’s friends brought this sequel  to yet another exciting and mesmerizing tale of bewitching subterfuge.
The way the conclusion was unrolled, the confusion and complexity that unravelled were as complex as they were relevant. I can thoroughly recommend  this totally absorbing book.
As with the first two books, Geonn Cannon delivered an amazing story. Like the others, this book dragged me into it’s world of angels, demons and the fight between them like it was the most natural thing in the world to read about. While some of the scenarios and outcomes seem outrageous and fantastic, Cannon puts them together in such a way that paints them as perfectly normal and makes them seem totally natural. Everything fits together as it is meant to and, as with the first two books, the character interaction and growth is completely believable.
Riley once again drew me into her world and her head, making me love her even more and leaving me rooting for her even when things looked bleak and her methods were slightly skewed. Her intense relationships with those around her and how tightly she holds to those she cares about touched me and made me devour this book as quickly as the first two.
As always the plot and story lines were intense, action-packed and completely believable despite the rather crazy situations within. I found myself torn between what was ‘right’ and what would make Riley happy several times and realized that these characters have settled into my heart. Riley and Gillian leave the reader believing that even through the darkness of hell itself, love really can find a way. The back and forth swing that Caitlin/Zerachiel brings to the cast, sometimes engendering feelings of adoration and protection and at others leaving me wanting to ring her neck and knock some sense into her gives the entire story something, an extra push that gives it a boost and makes it that much more intense.
The movement of this series, the story and the characters has been wonderful, impressive and completely believable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the same intense and emotional roller-coaster in the fourth that the first three have delivered!


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