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Title: Riley Parra Season Five (Riley Parra #5)
Author Name & Publisher: Geonn Cannon (Supposed Crimes LLC)
Publication Date & Length: September 1, 2013 – 401 pgs


Riley Parra’s Days Are Numbered.

After a bleak turn of events, Riley Parra made the ultimate sacrifice to make things right. She succeeded in changing the timeline, but at the cost of her own life. To make matters worse, her doomed doppelganger’s use of the Ladder to turn back time has disastrous consequences. The released energy causes a earthquake in No Man’s Land, destroying homes and throwing thousands of lives into chaos.

With her own death now predestined, Riley has to work to restore balance in the devastation with the knowledge that she only has a set number of days remaining. Faced with a true deadline and unwilling to let Aissa face down one of the most devious champions Marchosias has ever chosen, Riley is determined to finish the job she started before time runs out.

If she has to die, Riley is determine she won’t go down without a fight.

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What an exciting kaleidoscope of carefully interwoven conclusions. Questions left unanswered in previous seasons were all explained, dead people came back to face the music and to help, Angels became mortal. The living faced death. All in one extraordinary novel.
This novel really enhanced previously read novels, explanations and predictions all became utterly believable all this, and a the tantalising backdrop of the war between Riley and Mayor Siskin coming to a climatic end.
I enjoyed watching newer characters develop, older characters thriving and the love affair between Riley and Gillian flourish.
A brilliant series of tantalising and entertaining novel with Book 5 being the icing on the cake. Will this book be the end or just the beginning? Riley Parra, Riveting, Innovative Phenomenal.
I openly admit that I came into this last installment of the Riley Parra series with a weighted idea of what I expected from the story, plot, characters and the author in general. I am very happy to say that Cannon, once again, delivered an amazing story that I just could not put down.
The growth of every character in this series was perfectly timed, well planned out and kept to their individual personalities. Riley strummed at my heart from the very beginning of book one with her spirit and her attitude and while she definitely grew and adapted to her surroundings, she kept those traits that made me love her. Gillian just made me head over heels for her all over again and I couldn’t help but root for she and Riley at every possible turn.
Kenzie and Chelsea each showed new and wonderfully faceted sides of themselves that just made me smile and shake my head, I just adore those two. Meanwhile, Cait continued to grow on me, changing and adapting to her role within Riley’s life with every twist and turn. These characters earned a place in my heart that they will hold for a long time to come.
My only complaint is that this ends this series and, while I adored the outcome, I praise Cannon for his handling of the ending, I simply wish there was more so I could keep right on reading! Minor spelling/typographical issues which are to be expected were present though not frequently and I found that they didn’t interrupt my headlong, page-devouring run through this book.
Well done Mr. Cannon and thank you for such a wonderful addition to my library of favorites, you have in the space of five books, changed my entire outlook on men writing lesbian fiction. Bravo!


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