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Light from the Dark

Title: Light from the Dark
Author Name: Mercy Celeste
Publication Date & Length: March 6, 2015 — 246 pgs


After a year of picking up the pieces of his shattered life, former US Marshal Micah Beasley takes a job as body guard for a spoiled rich kid who can’t leave his house. It’s a cupcake assignment. He just needs to get back in the game. What can go wrong?

Brilliant and incredibly talented, Christopher (Kit) Auberon wears tragedy as a second skin. Kit is all that’s left of a powerful family. Seemingly forgotten he’s spent his entire life in seclusion and he likes it that way.

Death threats are a fact of life, but when those threats become real, Micah and Kit are forced to put their differences aside to discover who wants Kit dead. Only to discover that there are monsters in Kit’s closet that should never be disturbed.

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FiveStarsWOW!!! What an amazing story.  This was the most beautiful love story and the most thrilling, tragic, suspenseful story.  I couldn’t stop reading it. Most of the time I can usually figure out how the story is going to go, but not with this one. This one knocked me for a loop with all the twists, turns, and secrets. Wow!  The writing was so descriptive and explosive.

Micah and Chris were the main characters.  I loved them both.
They were both so damaged.  Kit so lonely and treated so badly by so many.  Micah was amazing, I thought he was so compassionate and his love for Chris was unbelievable.  They both had so much tragedy in their lives, yet they saved each other.  Sam was so loyal to Chris and  all of the secondary characters added so much to the story.

Absolutely an amazing, wonderfully written story.  If I could rate it more than 5 Stars I would.



This is Mercy Celeste at her best; maybe even her best yet.


Micah Beasley, US Marine turned US Marshal, is suffering from PTSD and recovering from disfiguring injuries when he accepts a job as a bodyguard to a wealthy recluse.


Christopher Auberon, an agoraphobic, mute, savant, billionaire, is also suffering from PTSD. But he is almost certain there is actually someone trying to kill him.


Micah finds his young employer strange and slightly terrifying. When the threat to Kit’s life becomes very real, Micah, or Beastly as Kit calls him, must put his own problems aside to protect his charge.


Suspense is a new genre for Mercy Celeste and she does it well. It is impossible not to think of The Shining when horrible things start happening in an enormous, isolated mansion.   This is also a psychological thriller. Characters are wrapped in layers of secrets that Celeste unravels very slowly. None of the characters is who they first appear to be and more than one secret is sinister. This is not a book to read while home alone on a dark, stormy night.


I really don’t want to give away very much while I praise the book. Mercy Celeste’s characters are beautifully crafted. The plot is well paced and precisely constructed.


Celeste hasn’t abandoned romance, or sex, but she uses more intimate scenes to carefully develop her characters and her plot.   She manages to make a couple of scenes both unbelievably hot and unnervingly eerie.


I love this. If you love beautiful, damaged men and a scary story, you’ll love it too.



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I’ve had a life long love affair with romance and reading. After reading The Outsiders  by S.E. HInton I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I was in the 9th grade. I wrote my first book at the grand old age of 28. That unfortunate book hasn’t seen the light of day in 17 years

Author of 16 published works. Award winning– best selling seems a foreign term when applied to myself. I write both het and gay romance, the steamier the better.

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