TWO 5 Stars for Leland’s Final Gift by Thianna Durston #MM #Holiday


Title: Leland’s Final Gift
Author Name & Publisher: Thianna Durston (NQWYE Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 20, 2015 – 40 pgs


Kinder Thane lost his life partner three years ago and ever since, has folded into himself. He doesn’t speak to friends and only sees his family once a year. Every year on the anniversary of Leland’s death, he spends his time with the ghost of his dead boyfriend.

When Jessie Riley moves in across the hall, it sends his entire existence into a flurry. Suddenly there’s life out there, happiness, the joy of the holidays, and it’s so shocking he almost doesn’t know what to do with it. It gets to be too much but before he can pull back inside and go back to the way he was, Leland has a final gift for him, one that changes everything.

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This was such a sweet story!
Kinder lost the love of his life 3 years ago but still spends time with him every year on the anniversary of his partner’s death. Jessie is a new neighbor who Kinder meets while he is moving in. Well Leland Kinder’s partner who passed away decide that Kinder needs a push to move on and start interacting with other people more then he has been.
I felt so bad for Kinder and having to go through a loss like that especially around Christmas. I thought the way this story was written was very beautiful and at the same time sad too. The author really made you feel what Kinder was going through with trying to move on and missing his partner so much. To meeting his new neighbor and wanting to have another chance at love with Jessie but not forgetting Leland and how much he loved him too!

All together I really loved this Novella! This was a perfect for Christmas!
I would recommend this book!


Short and sweet holiday book about a love lost and a love found. I cried and laughed, it was such a good book, and I only wish it was longer. I loved how Leland pushed Thane and made him live again, such a heartwarming book.


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Thianna loves to write strong stories with even stronger heroes. While all of her books have an erotic overtone, it is the story that is the most important to her. “The story should be able to stand on its own. The erotic elements are an add-on.”

She enjoys writing about couples with kink, paranormal couples, and straight out strangeness. But more on that later… You can find her at

She also writes m/f under the name Thianna D.


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