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Title: A Year Less Three Days
Author Name & Publisher: Alyx J. Shaw & Mychael Black (Samhain Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: May 31, 2016 — 133 Pages


Only love will save them…if it can survive the pits of the damned.

When Lias’s wife was kidnapped, all his skills as a woodsman couldn’t save her—or himself. Captured, sold repeatedly to different masters, Lias endures abuse, torture, and worse. By the time his latest master buys him, Lias is little more than an animal.

He is a creature of rage and hate, antagonizing his master at every turn, lashing out at his boundaries, waiting and watching for a chance to escape and return to his children—or die trying.

At times, Necromis, a knight of the Order of the White Bear, would like nothing more than to oblige his aggravating new charge, but one thing stays his deadly hand. Lias is his last hope. Long ago, Necromis made a deal with a demon named Bonecracker to gain fame, wealth, and respect.

But the day of reckoning is coming, and there’s only one way out of this bargain—capture the heart of a broken slave, or Necromis’s soul will forever belong to Bonecracker.

Warning: Mention of rape, violence.

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This book is nothing like I thought it would be and definitely did not turn out how I thought it would either. None the less it was a book full of magic, demons, curses, love that passed and new love that transpired. It was truely an intriguing read that I really enjoyed.

Necromis made a deal with a demon to save the man he loved from being a slave. But the demon tricked him and Sterling did not make it. To break the curse Necromis had to make a slave that was straight fall in love with him and the feat was not an easy one. But it did happen and Lias did eventually fall in love with him and broke the spell. But that is not where it ended and it was heart breaking what transpired.

At first I was not a fan of Necromis but the more I read of the book the more I realized that everything that Necromis did he did for the love that he had felt for Sterling and it may not have all played out the way he hoped but everything that happened to him led him to Lias and a love so strong that each of the two men was willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. There was a sacrifice but I will not say or spoil which man made the sacrifice nor will I say what the sacrifice was. I will say that I found myself crying and asking why it happened the way it did. But even with crying I still enjoyed this book and I still loved how this book played out. Alyx did an amazing job with this book. I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.



Lias is a broken man. A mere shell of the husband and father he once was. He has all but, had the life beaten out of him. As he comes to terms with the fact he may never see his children again, he is sold one last time to a new Master.

Necromis is damned by the devil. In the hopes of spending the rest of his life with his lover Sterling, Necromis is given status of a Knight by Bonecracker in exchange for something else. After the deal is made Sterling’s Master kills him to spite Necromis. Necromis is distraught with anger and guilt for not saving Sterling. To save his own life now he must save the life and earn the love of another man. Not just any man, a man who has only had feelings for women in the past.

Lias must learn to trust Necromis and understand that not all Masters are evil. And Necromis must show Lias that he can love a man just the same as loving a woman. And it just may be possible the relationship is better than either has ever experienced.

This is a fantasy story, so if that is not your cuppa this book is not for you. The book is well written and kept me hooked from beginning to end.



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Alyx J. Shaw 

Alyx J Shaw is an irritable rantaholic who enjoys writing, making medieval honey wine, smoking, tarantulas, and raising strange and toxic plants. She has a vast interest in cryptids and the paranormal, and shares her seedy apartment with a dog, a cat, a tarantula, two chickens, a pigeon and a dove. She lives in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and has called the city of Vancouver home since 1986.

Alyx has worked for CKO Radio, CBC Radio,
Angles Magazine, and worked briefly as an
administrator and proofer at Torquere Press.

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Mychael Black

aka Kay Derwydd

What do online gaming, Spongebob, cooking, writing, and an unnatural addiction to Mountain Dew all have in common?

Not a damn thing, which is what makes Mychael Black an interesting bird indeed.

Born in north Alabama, Mychael now resides in north Mississippi. Having run the gamut of labels in regard to gender and sexuality, Mychael now shuns society’s views on normality and embraces a poly-everything attitude. Call Mychael her or him—it doesn’t matter. Just keep reading the books.

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