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Title: Lock & Key
Author Name & Publisher: Z. Allora (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 15, 2016 – 300 Pages


Rejected. Heartbroken. Devastated.

Zack Davis wanted to serve only one man, Andrew Nikeman. He was denied because Andrew thought he was too young and because their brothers were together. So Zack crushed his submissive tendencies and focused on being the perfect Dom, giving every sub he played with something he couldn’t have.

After years of denying his submissive side, Entwined’s charity auction “Are you Dom Enough to be a sub?” gives Zack an excuse to get a little of what he’s always craved.

Andrew doesn’t know when his infatuation turned into more, but it kills him to see Zack with a constant parade of submissives. He’d refused to jeopardize his brother’s relationship or become Zack’s regret; however, Zack isn’t a kid anymore, and his brother’s relationship is unbreakable. Now Zack’s popularity and success as a Dom might ruin Andrew’s dreams of collaring him, but he can’t wait any longer to confess his feelings or he risks losing the man he loves forever.

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I think I’ve only read 1 book from this author besides this one. The other was Book 3 of the Dark Angels series.
This one is about Zack and Andrew. Zack wanted to be the sub to Andrew but was denied because he was deemed too young. So he decides to just be a dom since no one else will do. Fast forward and these two finally becomes a thing. This book was sweet yet slightly repetitive. The dialogue could sometimes be childish. Well, Zack. The thing that annoyed me more was reading about others and their naughty scenes. I want to read about the main couple, not everyone else. This book was long and if a book is long, it should be about the main couple.

What an emotionally charged this book turned out to be. I could not put this book down it was so amazing.

From the moment Zack and Drew laid eyes on one another you could the chemistry and the connection these two men felt for one another. But it was not an easy road for them to get to where they could be together and love each other in the open. There was obstacles that stood in their way for a couple of years and both men are dang head strong that it took forever for them to get their crap straight and admit to one another how they truly felt about each other.

Zack and Drews road leading to one another was not an easy road and I enjoyed being able to travel that road with them through all their ups and downs and twist and turns. It was an extremely bumpy ride but well worth the bruises along the way. Z Allora has an amazing book on their hands and I hope many others enjoy it as much as I did. I look forward to reading more books by this author in the future. An amazing read!!!!

I absolutely loved this book but it doesn’t surprise as I read books by this author before, which I also loved. The author previous work I’ve read was the Dark Angels series I was a little hesitant because this was much different than those books. I worried needlessly as this was another winner. This was a BDSM story that kept me capture right from the beginning. The BDSM in this story was portrayed in such a manner that was respectful and engaging. This was a very deep and passionate love between Zack and Andrew and I quickly feel in love with them both. There was also some self-discovery in this book as Zack discovered that he can be a Dom or a sub. I would definitely recommend this book to all Z. Allora fans and hope that the author will write more books like these.


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Z. believes in soul mates, love at first sight, and overcoming all odds to find happily ever afters. Born in Upstate NY, Z. Allora and partner have spent the last fifteen years together traveling across the United States, the Middle East and Asia. These travels provide the inspiration behind many of the detailed settings and characters throughout Z.’s work. Z. received a Master degree in Psychology and Bachelor degrees in both English and Philosophy. (though Z’s editors would probably question the English degree). Z. is both a writer and a huge fan of M/M romance as well as Yaoi. It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. Z. thinks all writers and publishers of M/M are promoting equality, since everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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