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CoverTitle: When I Knew You
Author Name & Publisher: K.E. Payne (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: March 15, 2016 – 240 pgs


When Ash Wells and Nat Braithwaite are thrown together after seventeen years apart, old resentments and passions are rekindled. The days of their heady teenage relationship are long gone—or are they? As they put aside their differences to honor the memory of a friend, Ash and Nat learn that sometimes, to build a future, you have to be willing to let go of the past.

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Ash , Nat and Livvy were great friends as teenagers. Ash and Nat were lovers but never told anyone and when Nat’s parents insisted she make a clean break with her friends before going to University she broke Ash’s heart. Sixteen years later Ash and Nat attend Livvy’s funeral and all the old hurt comes back. Neither has ever gotten over their split and Ash is still hurt and bitter. Nat is now a prominent cardiologist and Ash thinks she has everything she wants and is arrogant. The truth is never that simple! Livvy’s dying wish is for her two friends to fulfill a list of activities with her daughter Chloe that she never got the chance to. They two women are forced to spend time together and begin to see that they both still love each other and neither of them have found happiness on their own.
I adored this story. Ash and Nat were both great characters and well written. They had such detailed and vivid backstories and it became clear that they were meant for each other. Their fears kept them from admitting it though, each thinking the other had the perfect life. Nat had really suffered from allowing her parents to dictate her life and spending time with Ash and Chloe made her see that she could be happy if only she would take the leap.

The London, Oxford and Corwall settings were ideal and really well described. It became clear that Nat needed Ash to be complete and happy and Ash would never open herself up to anyone else. A beautiful love story and well worth 5 stars
Kitty Kat
A beautifully written at times heart wrenching love story. Ithoroughly enjoyed reading this delightfully written and very passionate book.
Two fascinating lead characters, both strong and emotionally charged women. The authors describes their passionate affair from their first early childhood into their teens and then finally up to present day. Ms Payne present the whole scenario and their reconnection in really novel and gripping way, through their dead best friend!
The dialogue between Ash and Nat is at times poetic at other times tear-jerking, often humorous but always compelling. The description of Cornwall is idyllic and it makes a beautiful back drop to this captivating novel.
The ending is as charming as it is justifiable. All in all a magnificent read. I will certainly be seeking further books written by this talented author and can thoroughly recommend this ardent novel which I feel will appeal to all romantics whatever their genre.


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KE Payne was born in Bath, the English city, not the tub, and after leaving school she worked for the British government for fifteen years, which probably sounds a lot more exciting than it really was.
Fed up with spending her days moving paperwork around her desk and making models of the Taj Mahal out of paperclips, she packed it all in to go to university in Bristol and graduated as a mature student in 2006 with a degree in linguistics and history.
After graduating, she worked at a university in the Midlands for a while, again moving all that paperwork around, before finally leaving to embark on her dream career as a writer.
She moved to the idyllic English countryside in 2007 where she now lives and works happily surrounded by dogs and guinea pigs.


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