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Title: Mad for Mel (The Morvelville Mysteries #7)
Author Name & Publisher: Anne Hagan (Jug Run Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 14, 2016 – 138 pgs


Rival gangs will stop at nothing to gain sole control of the drug trade in Muskingum County and they’ve picked Valentine’s week to create a firestorm of murder and mayhem as they battle each other for supremacy.

Sheriff Mel Crane is blindsided by looting, murdering and marauding bikers at a time of year when most Harley’s are tucked safely away from the effects of Ohio winters that come rife with snow and ice. They’re rolling out, they’re out of control and she can’t stop them. On the home front, she’s feeling guilty about spending hardly any time with Dana, especially when she knows Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…or so her mother-in-law keeps reminding her.

Dana just wants Mel to be safe; she has her own problems to worry about. Her attempt at novel writing isn’t going as well as she hoped and she’s bored. She got a little taste of what it was like to be an investigator again and she misses it. What to do?

This book is great together with Books 1-6 to get all of the Dana and Mel back story but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.

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Ms Hagan strikes again!!! Although a stand alone novel this book slickly and smartly connect with the previous books in the Morelville mysteries.
Ms Hagan adroitly captures the readers attention from the opening chapter, introducing both new and old characters with dexterity and deftness. The old characters feel like great friends but the tale unfolding is sharp and spell binding. The new character bring with them a sinister and foreboding presence.
The story line goes to and fro, from one character and cliff-hanger to the next but each piece is carefully intertwined, always consistent.
The ending was as exciting and climatic as only Ms Hagan can make it – I can’t wait for the next book!!!
If you enjoy a good mystery, dynamic and humorous characters then this novel will not disappoint and I can not recommend it highly enough.
Mel and Dana make “Jessica Fletcher” look like a granny on holiday!
This seventh book in the Morelville series is a winner! Again we get a peek into the lives of Sheriff Mel, her wife Dana and their extended families. The story revolves around the havoc caused by a motorcycle gang when their leader steps down. All hell breaks loose when a competition between the members to take over the leadership begins. The spark for the story lies with old grandfather Brietland, whose family we have met before, when he demands his grand daughter and her biker husband go straight. Dana becomes involved in the investigative side of the story and I enjoyed this as it gave a second angle to the story, away from the police point of view . I love the way Anne Hagan writes from the perspective of multiple characters as it quickens the pace and excitement and lets the reader get into the minds of various people, not just the main two characters. The story was exciting and brought in many old favourites. I look forward to these books for just that reason. The family and friends help make the stories rounded and addictive. Mama Chloe is a favourite of mine and I hope to read more about Hannah in the future.
The relationship between newly-weds Mel and Dana was a big part of this story as it was set around Valentine’s Day. Mel was working so hard that their relationship was in danger of taking a back seat. The Mamas were not about to let that happen! Their love life is fairly heating up in these books and I think this might be the hottest so far. Keep it up!
A well deserved 5 Stars.
Kitty Kat


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