TWO 5 Star Reviews for Girls on Campus by Janelle Reston and Robyn Nyx #FF #Anthology

CoverTitle: Girls on Campus
Author Name & Publisher: Janelle Reston and Robyn Nyx (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: May 17, 2016 – 240 pgs


College: four years when anything goes and rules are made to be broken. A time for freedom, experimentation, and guiltless pleasures. Come join the co-eds for a homecoming bash, crash a girls-only party, and enjoy study hall where the topic is Eros. From roommates with benefits to sexy sorority initiations, hot professors demanding extra credit after class and summer vacation threesomes, this collection is required reading for anyone looking to earn an A in sex-ed.

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Girls on Campus is unbelievably hot and the perfect book to keep on your bedside table.  Some of the stories are so good that I’m sure I’ll want to go back and re-read them again and again.  Radclyffe’s ‘Pledge Night’ was a brilliant start to the book and will leave you breathless and to follow it with ‘In the Stacks’ by Aurora Rey was a great choice.  These ladies really know how to get the pulse racing.  I also really loved ‘Final Exam by Meghan O’Brien, which had first timer Jess finding out what sex is all about from butch friend Mike.  Both were really lovely characters and I’d really like to find out more about them in a longer story.  ‘A Gift from McGovern’ by Lea Daley was a really sweet story about how things have changed for lesbians since her characters met in 1972.  I loved it and this would definitely make a terrific novel if the author is interested in taking it further.  ‘The First Move by Rose P Lethe was a librarian fantasy and utterly filthy – a really hot read.  The final story ‘Practice makes Perfect’ by Sandy Lowe was sublime erotica and the ideal way to end this anthology.  Sylvie is upset that her boyfriend says she’s a bad kisser so her room-mate Bennett offers to help her learn.  She helps her learn a whole lot more and there is a beautiful emotional connection there too.  It was very sexy and tender at the same time.  This was an excellent anthology and makes me realise why I love just about anything that comes from Bold Strokes Books.  Their writers are top-notch and it really shows in this book.
Kitty Kat

This was an awesome book of short erotic stories. I loved that I got to read so many stories from so many of my favorite authors, but also got introduced to a few new ones to follow as well. The only common theme was that the stories were based on college campuses, and the stories run the gamut. They were hot, and sweet, and romantic, and hot! Definitely worth it.



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