TWO 5 Star Reviews for Deck the Dire Wolves (Dire Pack Reborn #2) by Stephani Hecht #MM #Paranormal


Title: Deck the Dire Wolves (Dire Pack Reborn #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Stephani Hecht (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 4, 2015 – 64 pgs


Love is like the flower you’ve got to let grow-John Lennon.

Already reeling from being forced to flee his old home town, the last thing that Dire Wolf Clark needs is to find himself attracted to his new Alpha, Bishop. More surprising, is that Bishop seems to return Clark’s feelings. However, Clark has been hurt in the past and the last thing he needs is to find himself in another relationship. So, Clark withdraws and rebuffs Bishop. The last thing Clark expects is for Bishop to continue his chase of the Omega. Will Clark be able to let go and trust again or is he doomed to be alone forever?

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Clark was hurt very badly by his pack for being gay. His cousin helps him escape and they end up in a new pack which is where he meets Bishop and there is a instant attraction between these two men. Which is the last thing Clark wants right now..

I loved the way this author wrote these characters and this story! There was a lot of action in this story along with some sweet too.

Being that this was such a short story and I really do not want to spoil this book for anyone I will leave this review with…. I really loved this holiday novella and would recommend it!



I love Stephani Hecht.  She’s one of my favorite authors and all her books are great. This one is another one to add to my list of favorites.

Clark is a really great character. He has a sad beginning but he pulls through. You automatically start rooting for Clark, to come out on top after his ordeal. I loved his strength of determination to stand back on his own two feet. His sense of humor comes out even under such dire circumstances. I really liked Clark.

The Alpha, Bishop, is an alpha who rules with his heart. I instantly grew to like Bishop and could immediately tell that he’s a good alpha. He also takes care of his brothers who we are introduced to. From our introduction we can tell they are a real handful. Poor Bishop.

The ending was action packed and great. I loved it. I’m not going to say any more about it cause I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. But it was awesome.

I highly recommend this story. If you like wolf shifter stories with an alpha who is full of heart and love and who finds his mate then you will love this one.



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Stephani Hecht is a happily married mother of two. Born and raised in Michigan, she loves all things about the state, from the frigid winters to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. Go Wings! You can usually find her snuggled up to her laptop, creating her next book or gorging on caffeine at her favorite coffee shop.

When she’s not running around like crazy, trying to get her kids to their various activities, she’s currently working on numerous projects. In the coming months, she has several books coming out with eXtasy Books in both The Lost Shifter Series and Drone Vampire Chronicles, plus a few additional projects that are still in the development stages.

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