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Title: A Restored Man (The Men of Halfway House #3)
Author Name: Jaime Reese
Publication Date: February 17, 2015


Cole Renzo thinks his greatest challenge is to behave for the remainder of his term at Halfway House. Until he meets his new boss, Ty Calloway, a man who ticks off every box on Cole’s list of interests.

A sought-after restorer and customizer of exotic and collectible cars, Ty had enough confidence to command what he wanted in life, until one fateful night changed everything. Almost two years later, he’s slowly rebuilding his life with great control. He’s defied the odds and works tirelessly to be the man he once was—but he still feels broken.

Cole’s candor and unfiltered personality awaken Ty’s barely-remembered desire to greet each new day with a smile, while Ty’s unwavering acceptance of Cole’s quirks and brash humor makes Cole feel as if he fits in for the first time in far too long. When a nemesis threatens Ty’s personal restoration and the things he holds dear, Cole is determined to protect their relationship, even if that means sacrificing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

But Ty will have to let his guard down, surrender control, and admit he needs Cole first, even if that puts himself at risk of breaking beyond repair.

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Each book in this series keeps getting better. I love that these books have such a good story that draws you into the book.  I get so hooked into the characters in this series and can’t wait to find out what they will get involved in.

The main characters in this book were Ty and Cole.  I loved Cole with his unfiltered mouth and his just letting it all out without thinking.  He was a very strong character that worked so hard at getting Ty out of his shell.  I thought Ty was very quiet and kept to himself, until he met Cole.

This book had laughter, action and very romantic love story.  A perfect book that kept me totally hooked until the end. I can’t wait until the next one comes out.



Rating: 5 Intense Stars!!

I was very excited when I found out Cole’s story was coming!! I have read the two previous stories in this series, and I highly recommend reading them first. (A Better Man, A Haunted Man)

Stories like the one’s Jaime Reese writes are the reason why M/M genre is my favourite to read. I love when you get Hero’s that are intense, passionate, vulnerable, and sexyyyy! This author pulls you in, without you even realising it, and you are laughing, crying and falling in love right along with them.

Cole…oh boy, has he got a mouth on him and I loved every wise-crack, heart-felt, dirty word that came out of him. Cole is the newest member of the Halfway House run by Julian and Matt, and they are still as much fun!

Ty, sigh “MyTy”, was my favourite out of all the crazy nic names Cole came up with. Ty is traumatized and scarred by a horrific accident in his very recent past, and Cole is not what he expected but did he ever shake up Ty’s world and it was perfect!!! They are incredible, amazing and so good together.

And if you are a fan of Jaime Reese then you know there is a villain, and the delivery, execution, take down of said villain is truly brilliant. Every scene actually in this story feels very realistic.

Jaime Reese is an incredible author and the journey’s she takes you on are very heart-felt and sexy and definitely worth your time.

Reviewer: Kimberley


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  1. Do you name your books before or after you write them? How about the synopsis?

It varies. For A Restored Man, the title came to me when I neared the end. I toyed with a few options as I wrote, but the final title became clear before I finish the book. The synopsis usually comes when I’m about three-quarters into the story.

Ironically, the next book in the series is throwing me off – but that doesn’t entirely surprise me. It’s Aidan and he’ll do whatever he wants. I already have a blurb roughed out and a few options for titles and I’m only a few chapters into the story.  So I’ve noted them and set them aside. I want to see how the story develops on its own rather than worry if the story can match the blurb.

  1. Do you read books? What genre is your favorite?

When I have time, yes. I usually look for a book in the M/M genre. I have a handful of M/F authors I go to as well.

  1. What is one tip that you wish someone had told you?

Releasing a book is incredibly stressful. 🙂

  1. What is one thing not included in your bio? Something random that most people don’t know about you?

I’m also a cover artist with a strong focus in M/M. It’s hinted at in my bio, but not outright stated. I design cover art under the name, Reese Dante.

  1. If you couldn’t write in the genre you normally write in, what genre would you chose?

At this time, I don’t see myself writing anything other than M/M.  My current release, A Restored Man, is a character-driven contemporary romance. A Hunted Man (the second book in the series) is a romantic suspense. So both are rather different but still share my overall style of writing. I like the idea of exploring different themes within M/M and I’m not afraid to take a chance, but my stories will always include a romance element and a happily ever after.

  1. Do you have any special rituals/habits that you do when you write?

I must be able to ‘see’ my characters first. I define them (or they define themselves) before I can write any part of the story. Once they’re defined, the story starts coming together. In the early stages of a story, I need to write in complete silence. 🙂 I will listen to music, sit outside and get some fresh air for a while before I start. But once I start writing, I prefer to focus on setting the stage without interruptions until the story gets going. Once I get far enough along into the story, I tend to find it easier to write, regardless of interruptions.

  1. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your latest book?

At this time, no. Maybe if you ask me the same question in a year or two the answer might be different since some experiences may influence a different direction in the story. But for now, I wouldn’t change anything.

I will read and re-read the story to death before it releases and endlessly tweak details to the point I’m certain I drive my editor insane, but I need to make sure it’s the best it can be for the story I had in mind at that time. That way, when I release it, I don’t beat myself up with the ‘what ifs’.

I know I can’t please everyone and I’m sure some readers would offer a different alternative for sections of the story, but in my mind, that’s how the characters and scenes played out for me as I wrote the story.


  1. Do you have anything specific to say to your readers?

THANK YOU. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

  1. Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, how do you break it?


It’s happened but I don’t dwell on it. I either skip whatever part is stopping me and jump to another scene, or just work on my cover art projects. If I worry too much about the writer’s block, I find it gets worse. I’m lucky to have both writing and cover art to focus on so I can juggle both depending upon what inspires me at the time.


  1. What’s next for you as a writer?

I’m currently working on the next book in the series (it will be Aidan’s story). It’s darker than my norm (for me at least) so I’m writing it a little at a time so it doesn’t weigh on me as much.

I’m also toying with another story I’ve had circling in my mind for some time. I have no idea if I’m going to finish it, but it’s been pushing me quite a bit lately. I probably won’t make any announcements until it’s completely written and well into edits. It’s something I want to do, but if I can’t do it justice, I probably won’t release it.

Both are still in the early stages but at least I have a tentative plan in mind.




Dog or Cat? Dog.

Favorite Color? Depends.

Favorite curse word? F*ck.

Short or tall? Depends.

Favorite holiday? Christmas.

Morning or Night? Night.

Ninjas or Pirates? Ninjas.


I get this huge dorky grin on my face when I receive a message from someone who has taken the time to read my book. I know readers have a choice in a sea of many options. I’m humbled when someone chooses one of mine. Thank you. ~JR

About me…
Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.

…and yes, it was totally weird reading something about myself in 3rd person 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to interview and host me during my blog tour! THANK YOU so much for the double awesome review. <3 I'm so glad you're enjoying the series.

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