TWO 5 Star, ONE 4 Star, and ONE 3 Star Reviews for Rewriting the Ending by H.P. Tune #FF

CoverTitle: Rewriting the Ending
Author Name & Publisher: H.P. Tune (Yiva Verlag)
Publication Date & Length: April 6, 2016 – 304 pgs


Juliet is an author with a deadline. A big deadline…and a ratty old backpack, and she’s on her way to Belgium. Mia has a one-way, first class ticket to anywhere. Today anywhere happens to be Scotland. The one thing she knows is that money can’t buy happiness, and she has no idea what does. A chance meeting in an airport lounge and a shared flight itinerary leaves Juliet and Mia connected. They’ve known each other for only twenty-four hours and they are destined for separate countries. How do you forge a future when the past keeps pulling you back?

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Juliet and Mia meet at the airport and an instant connection is apparent.  Mia is from a rich and powerful family and has spent her life putting up a front.  Juliet seems carefree and adventurous and Mia wishes she could be more like her.  They travel together part of their journeys and promise to keep in touch.  They do so via email and end up thrown together when Juliet is attacked and needs Mia’s help.  Mia takes Juliet back home to Scotland with her and the two women slowly get to know each other.
I really found myself engrossed in this book.  It wasn’t just a fluffy romance but a heart-wrenching love story between two very broken women.   Both have had awful experiences in the past and are trying to get past them the best way they can.  Mia’s story was so sad and made me feel so angry on her behalf.  Her ex and her family had treated her appallingly because of her sexuality but also because she wouldn’t toe the line.  The utter cruelty involved was terrible.  The author really got that across so well and has an amazing talent to make the reader feel intense emotions. I loved the character of Mia; she had a beautiful soul and had the patience of a saint with Juliet!  Juliet, a writer trying to find the inspiration for her second novel, is an entirely different type of person.  Although she seemed happy-go-lucky when Mia first met her, there was so much more to her and it became more pronounced as the book went on.  She was carrying a lot of hurt from the past and would not allow herself to be happy.  Mia had to try and make her see that she could love and be loved but Juliet did so much agonising I felt irritated at her.  Both of the women had to get through the hurt and their love for each other was the way to do it.  This was a beautiful story, with so much depth and intensity of feeling.  I felt truly touched by it.
Kitty Kat
I found this a really addictive read. It is a well written and beautifully portrayed romance.  A journey of finding love without feeling afraid, discovering yourself and finding your soul mate.
An epic tale that encompasses passion and romance alongside fear and apprehension. Made more believable through demonstrating many of the hurdles and recriminations experienced by many same sex couples by their family, friends and relations.
We learn how both women’s past life experiences influence their behaviour now and on their future together. How their relationship evolves from friendship to companionship to full blown passion.
A satisfying and fulfilling conclusion rounds off an enigmatic and beautifully written love story.
I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, things happen slowly in an organic way that seems to mirror reality, filled with baggage and issues and fears. On the other hand, things happen  s l o w l y. It felt like it took forever for things to progress, only to have them regress. And I’m still uncertain as to why Julie acted the way she did, or what made her change. Mia has her problems too, but is able to keep herself moving forward. I’m not sure her patience and willingness to allow Julie space are realistic. It would be extremely difficult to watch someone leave you while you’re sitting next to them. This book was a lot of in-the-head story, meaning that it was a lot about the two women’s struggles to overcome the bad things that happened in their lives, a lot of introspection, a lot of thinking. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can get a bit wearing in a book so long. At the end, we’re left with no sureties, no guarantees about a happy ending, just a hope that they continue on together, and the knowledge that they’re both trying. It’s a good book if you like a slower pace, with a lot of examination of motive and feelings. If you’re more action-oriented, this might not be the book for you. I did end up enjoying it; I like the fact that both women are reaching for their dreams with each other as support.
Amy P
An airport romance, sort of. I loved the premise of them meeting and I
thoroughly enjoyed getting know each woman. The character development
was terrific and I felt that I truly knew both of the ladies fairly
well. I would say that I had wished the story would have progressed a
bit faster; however, I understand that the complexity of the
characters warranted the extra time.

I did have some issues with how trusting she was and how she allowed
someone she barely knew to take care of getting her cards,ID, etc
replaced after the attack, but she really didn’t have many other

The author did a terrific job of spinning a lovely, slow burn romance
with the right amount of push and pull. I did appreciate that the
characters weren’t perfect and we saw them adjust and admit to their



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hp tune is a travel addict. You name it, she has been there on a donkey, or a camel, or snowshoes. Born by the beach in Australia, she grew up catching waves and endlessly typing out elaborate stories on her prized possession — an electric typewriter!
Somewhere along the way, her typewriter got upgraded to a Mac Air, her backpack to a suitcase, and her hostel to four star hotels. hp still travels the world with the love of her life — her partner, not her Mac — though it is always packed.

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