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CoverTitle: The Wrong Kind of Woman
Author Name & Publisher: Voss Porter (Dark Hollow Press LLC)
Publication Date & Length: February 18, 2016 – 239 pgs


All of her life, Dana Anderson has done what was expected of her. She put herself through school, she worked hard for her career, and she held her brother together after the loss of both parents. As summer comes and her inhibitions lower, however, she finds herself face-to-face with danger, mystery, and an illogical chance at true love.
Will rough and ready biker, Bri Gunner, be the woman of her dreams? Or will the heat of their passing flame burn out?

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This was a brilliant and mesmerizing read from beginning to end.
The two main women had such different characters and personalities that they brought real magnetism and realism to this contemporary and intriguing romance.
I loved the humour and sometimes self doubt that both women admitted only to themselves as they encountered each other. Their immediate passion and growing love for each other was beautifully portrayed in Ms Porter’s excellent novel.
Supporting characters added real depth and enjoyment to this captivating love story displaying respect for each other and in depicting unconditional love of family.
Another amazing facet of this novel was how likable and engaging both women were. As a reader I was enthralled by each of their backgrounds, which elicited feelings of sympathy and compassion in one and understanding and respect for the other.
In some novels it appears that the author has to add some explosive and unconnected incident for added drama. This is not the case in this novel, this stands purely on its own merit as a wonderfully told and passionate love affair between two charismatic women.
A mesmerizing and delightful book that is well-written and one I can thoroughly recommend to anyone
looking for true romance, with the added bonus of an exciting story line and hot passionate sexual rendezvous!
The cover was stunning, just an added bonus.
Dana and Bri are two women that should never work.  They are poles apart as Dana is a sweet and very feminine teacher and Bri is tough bad-ass biker with a prison record.  When they meet though sparks fly and both find it impossible to ignore the immense sexual attraction between them.  There is much more to this than a romance as they have to deal with crime and violence in the bar where Bri works and where Dana’s biker boss brother, Walter hangs out with his gang.  We get to meet Cara and Dre and Cara’s lovely brothers from Voss Porter’s previous book in the series.  I loved that they were there as they added a lot to the story.
The relationship between Dana and Bri was instant but really sexy and hot.  The sex scenes were brilliantly well written and really brought home how much they loved each other.  I enjoyed finding out about their backgrounds as I felt this explained so much about each of them and why they were ready to make such a quick commitment to each other.  Bri’s actions in trying to protect Dana was lovely and we see that she is a very loyal friend to have.  Maybe too loyal though as she has a prison record because of it and lets bad boy Nicky away with too much.  Dana’s family background means that she can see past Bri’s criminal past and I loved that she was able to stand by her and really make a difference to Bri’s life.  A really great read.
Kitty Kat


Wow. That’s my first response to this book. Dana and Bri are both hot, and together they’re scorching. Part of me loves the instant chemistry and that it pulls them into deeper feelings so quickly. Another part of me really hates how quickly love gets brought into the mix. It’s a constant fight between my inner romantic and inner cynic. That’s one of the biggest reasons that last half star got dropped. The other reason is that for how great Porter writes, there are a couple spots in the book where the word choice left me scratching my head, or the way the sentence was constructed really pulled me out of the narrative. That shouldn’t necessarily reflect on the book, more on the editing, but it did make me notice it. This is the first book by Porter I’ve read, and now I’m definitely going to go grab the first book and enjoy Cara and Dre’s story.

Amy P.


In this story we meet Dana and Bri, two women that should never work, but somehow they do.

I have such mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I had some issues with the book; however, on the other I still feel that I enjoyed the book enough to say that I liked it.

Dana was likeable, though she was a bit of a ditz at times. I found Bri mysterious and sexy. Both characters were well developed and we got to see both of them grow in the book. They were a bit clichéd but Porter still threw in a few surprises. The steamy scenes were tantalizing and erotic, while also remaining realistic – which can be hard for some authors to accomplish.

I did find it troubling that so much of Dana’s time is spent wondering how things will pan out for her at the school if she associates with Walter and Bri; however, nothing is mentioned about it in the end of the book. There was a lot of back story that was delivered by the character simply thinking about it. I understand that it’s always a challenge to explain a character and his/her experiences to the reader; however, it got a little tedious pretty early on for me. Add to that the lack of dialogue, and it left me wanting more exchanges between Dana and Bri to sell me on more than their instant spark. There was no question about their compatibility in the bedroom, but with the lack of interaction it left me wondering how they knew they were truly in love after such a short time.

All-in-all, the story was good and I enjoyed Bri and Dana as well as Cara, Dre, & Co.



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Voss Porter is the author of The Right Kind of Woman. Married to the woman of her dreams, mother to two human children and four canine progeny, Voss is an educator, holding a degree in International Studies from Francis Marion University. She is a tireless advocate for the LGBTQ community in her home state of South Carolina, a passionate storyteller, a little bit of a nerd, and a complete badass. An avid writer from the age of six, she prides herself on her ability to create realistic, modern heroines that deal with realistic, modern problems, while stumbling through life to find love, happiness, and organic groceries.
Voss can reached via email, at, via website at, on Twitter @vossporter and on Facebook.

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