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CoverTitle: Fortunate Sum
Author Name & Publisher: M. Ullrich (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: March 15, 2016 – 240 pgs


Catherine Carter earned her spot as one of New York’s top financial advisors by following the rules and reaching her every goal. The same applies to Catherine’s personal life. Her next self-imposed deadline is looming, and all that’s left to do is to meet the perfect man.

At her friend’s urging, skeptical Catherine meets with a psychic who tells her to look for the color blue, and that’s when life spirals from her control.

Prospective client, quirky Imogene Harris, is reluctant to hire anyone to help with her inheritance, but when she sees what’s being offered, she has a change of heart.

Catherine denies her attraction to Imogene. Imogene is falling for the woman behind the numbers. Not even a rocky start, secret past, or misinterpreted predictions can stop the women from being drawn to one another. Together they learn that perhaps blue isn’t the color of sadness after all…

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Cat Carter is a financial advisor whose perfect life lacks one thing – a perfect partner. She tells herself she needs a man to be happy but when she meets a psychic at a party and is told the colour blue is significant she goes looking in the wrong places. Imogene becomes a client and her amazing blue eyes and fantastic personality become important to Cat but she won’t let herself believe that what she really needs in right in front of her.
I really enjoyed this book and the two main characters. Cat was deluding herself and a few misunderstandings with her family and friends stopped her from being happy. Imogene was wonderful. She was free, happy and doing exactly what she wanted with her life. Her father’s death on 9/11 still had repercussions for her many years later. I was impressed by how M Ullrich was able to weave the story of the families and survivors of 9/11 with the growing love story between Cat and Imogene. Cat was like two people – one at work, together and focused and another with her friend Alice and increasingly with Imogene. She began to relax and fall in love. There were plenty of blips along the way for the lovers but it was a great story and beautifully satisfying.

Kitty Kat


This was a really enjoyable romance. Catherine seems like the stereotypical workaholic, who simply doesn’t have time for a relationship. We actually hear from her best friend, Alice, how Cat seems to always find something wrong with the men she goes on dates with. Which actually gives us a clue that all may not be straight in Catherine’s world. Sure enough, we find out that Cat had a college romance with one of her female professors. She was ready for forever with this woman, and as we go through the story we find out from flashbacks exactly what happened. The result was that Catherine closed herself off from any real relationships with women, trying to keep her distance by dating men she wasn’t really interested in. Until she meets Imogene. Imogene is going through some losses of her own. The most recent loss is her Grandfather, but her father was a firefighter who died in NYC on 9/11. Add in the last breakup of about a year ago with a woman who apparently lied and/or cheated on Imogene.

The two women keep getting closer and closer, not only because of the undeniable attraction between them, but also because their personalities mesh so well. It all culminates on the night of an LGBT benefit that ends in passion, and what we think is the start of a happily ever after. And then the professor shows up in Catherine’s life once more, looking to see if things can get started again. Part of me understands Catherine’s confusion and lack of good judgment. She never allowed herself any sort of closure with Linda because the secrecy surrounding their relationship precluded her being able to process any of it. It took things going way too far for Catherine to finally wake up to what she wanted. Unfortunately for her, this awakening happened after she’d hurt and insulted Imogene.

Truthfully, both these women weren’t ready for what happened between them. Catherine’s issues were more glaring, but Imogene’s played just as large a part in their breakup. I’m glad both of them were forced to take deep looks into their own psyches and decide not only what they really wanted, but how important it really was to them. It would be easy to simply blame it on Catherine, but Imogene does get part of the blame for not being able to listen to Catherine at all. In the end, when they finally do talk, they each have to push past the walls they’ve put up.

I liked the idea of Sophia. I’m fascinated with the idea of her, while holding onto my skepticism. But her inclusion, and the delicate way she had to traverse the line of what she could see with what she should say, was definitely a good addition.

A really good romance that I’d definitely recommend.

Amy P.


A great, well-told story that pulled me in and held my attention from beginning to end.

The reader is taken on a beautiful, fun journey as two unlikely women, Catherine and Imogene, discover a beautiful and true love. I found myself smiling while I watched Imogene crack the shell that Catherine had formed around herself. I laughed at their playful and witty banter. And I wanted to yell at Catherine for letting Linda back into her life after the pain of last time. I connected to the sweet and bubbly personality of Imogene and my heart ached for her when we learned about her father, and again when she thought Catherine had moved on. I also connected with Catherine; however, I wanted to slap her silly as I could see her missteps happening from a mile away.

The novel was well written and edited. A true pleasure to read.



Sometimes there is nothing that can entertain you or make you feel better than a well written and thoroughly captivating romance. This book does this and more.
A love story that is as delightful as it is engaging. Ms Ullrich has managed to capture romance laced with just the right amount passion, tension and fervour.
It was good to read a novel that covered all aspects of a fledgling romance to a satisfying and timely conclusion.
I enjoyed how the colourful characters came to life through great descriptions and eloquent and at times humorous conversations. Not only were the two main characters likeable and believable but the strength of the supporting characters added depth and substance to a really satisfying novel.
A thoroughly commendable novel.


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M. Ullrich has always called New Jersey home and currently resides by the beach with her wife and two boisterous felines. After many years of regarding her writing as just a hobby, the gentle yet persistent words of encouragement from her wife pushed M. Ullrich to take a leap into the world of publishing. Much to her delight and amazement, that world embraced her back. By day, M. Ullrich works full time in the optical field and spends most of her days off working on her writing. When her pen isn’t furiously trying to capture her imagination (a rare occasion), she enjoys being a complete entertainer. Whether she’s telling an elaborate story, a joke, or getting up in front of a crowd to sing and dance her way through her latest karaoke selection, M. Ullrich will do just about anything to make others smile. She also happens to be fluent in three languages: English, sarcasm, and TV/Movie quotes.

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