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CoverTitle: Beneath the Waves
Author Name & Publisher: Ali Vali (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: May 17, 2016 – 264 pgs


No one has her life more mapped out than Kai Merlin. She’ll succeed her mother Galen and carry out every duty expected of her—the most important of which is to keep hidden the secrets her people have kept for eons.

Vivien Palmer’s life has been just as planned out by her parents, and their dream is for her and her brother Franklin to eventually run the family business. But Vivien’s dreams lie in the depths of the oceans searching for clues to the shells she and Franklin wear around their necks.

A chance encounter as children forever linked Kai and Vivien for life, but can they find a way to be together despite what’s expected of them?

The answers lie Beneath the Waves.

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Vivien Palmer and her brother Frankie meet a young girl on the beach when they are kids.  They remember the brief encounter always but no-one believed it happened as the girl disappeared back into the sea, with sharks accompanying her.  Vivien and Frankie are heirs to an oil company and much is expected of them.  The girl from the sea, Kai, is an Atlantean and heir to the throne of her realm.  When they meet again as adults an instant connection is felt between Vivien and Kai and they are drawn to each other, craving each other.  As they try to save the oil company and the environment together they find themselves and their families in huge danger.
When I started reading this book I wasn’t at all sure I was going to like it, as it went between the very formal Atlantean realm and a very modern setting with contemporary language. As the story went on though I found myself immersed in both worlds.  The premise of an ancient but much advanced Atlantean race under the sea was brilliantly constructed, with an all female world and an ability to procreate without men.  It was skilfully written and the imagination that went into it was fantastic.  The modern world on land, with big business, environmental worries and a hateful creepy male suitor in the guise of Steve was well thought out and oh so real.  The author managed to insert a real fear and menace into the story and had me totally engrossed.  The love story between Vivien and Kai was slow burning but beautifully pitched.  Kai had so many secrets that she could not share with Vivien as her world was at stake, but as they fell in love and the bond between them became so vital, she had no choice but to open herself totally.  The love scenes were tender and loving but also very hot. I loved this book and it gave so much more than I expected.  A wonderful passionate love story with a great mystery.
Kitty Kat
A  remarkable book that weaves fantasy and folk lore with just a little reality to create a really memorable tale.
The characters were interesting and likable individuals. Enough background was given on each woman and her family to familiarize the reader and make them understand where they were coming from.
The love interest between the two leading women was slowly and tenderly portrayed. The plot that was gradually exposed was interesting and in keeping with both of the womens  backgrounds and personalities.
As in all good stories good overcame evil and our hero survived to live and love.
The ending, although predictable, was fitting and satisfying.

I really enjoyed the storyline in this book. Farfetched? Sure. Entertaining? Definitely. A new and interesting take on the legend of Atlantis, it was fun to read.  Kai definitely has that otherworldly Alpha thing going on, and Vivien is no nonsense but troubled due to a childhood encounter. Vivien battles against her parents, who feel they know what’s best for her and are pressuring her to fall in line. Her only bastion against this pressure is her brother, Frankie. The two support each other completely. When Kai appears on the scene, she becomes another lodestone for Vivien, even though Vivien isn’t sure why she’s attracted to Kai. Things seem hopeless as far as their future goes, but Kai is unable to stop herself from getting involved with Vivien. The underlying cause for the events in this book was rather surprising, and the resolution was intriguing. The resolution of Vivien and Kai’s future is a good ride as well. Two things that kept this from getting a higher rating from me: First, Vivien seems asexual before meeting Kai. I believe this is explained by the unnatural link between Frankie and Vivien (Kai’s mistake so many years ago) being so intense that there wasn’t room for anybody else. But she doesn’t seem too weirded out by waking up one day intensely attracted to a woman. Second, it seemed overly easy for Kai’s people to find out what was going on. Perhaps the only reason they didn’t catch what was happening earlier is because nobody ever thought it could happen, so nobody expected it. But I would have thought people bent on world domination would hide their plans better.

Anyway, I recommend the book to anyone who wants a little paranormal fantasy with their romance – especially a little fantasy that is different from the usual paranormal fare. It definitely kept me turning pages.



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Originally from Cuba, Ali Vali has retained much of her family’s traditions and language and uses them frequently in her stories. Having her father read her stories and poetry before bed every night as a child infused her with a love of reading, which carries till today. In 2000, Ali decided to embark on a new path and started writing.

She has discovered that living in Louisiana and running a non-profit provides plenty of material to draw from in creating her novels and short stories. Mixing imagination with different life experiences, she creates characters that are engaging to the reader on many levels. Ali states that “The feedback from readers encourages me to continue to hone my skills as a writer.”

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