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Title: A Reunion to Remember
Author Name & Publisher: T. J. Thomas (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: April 12, 2016 — 240 Pages


Jo Adams and Rhonda Black reconnect after ten years apart. Rhonda’s twin daughters were Jo’s best friends in high school. With the significant age difference, Rhonda cannot believe Jo, twenty years her junior, will want to be with her long-term.

Jo knows what she wants, but can she convince Rhonda she’s in this relationship for the long haul?

Rhonda feels caught between a desire to explore a new opportunity for love and the daughter whose response she does not understand. Can she and Jo navigate the reactions and responses of Rhonda’s family and deal with their own fears and doubts to find a lasting love?

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A Reunion to Remember is a beautiful story about finding love and happiness and what one risks to stay with those that make you happiest.


In this story we meet a young Jo, who spends most of her teenage years living with her best friends due to situations at her own home. After leaving for college on the west coast, she stays on there and only comes back to her hometown for a friend’s wedding.


While there her schoolgirl crush on her high school best friends’ mom, Rhonda, reaches a boiling point and after a discussion with Rhonda, they decide to explore the feelings between them while Jo is in the area to complete a 3-month contract. Things begin to get serious, but what will the family say?


I enjoyed this beautiful story. It told a wonderful love story and I love both Jo and Rhonda! Jo was so strong and knew exactly what she wanted. I commend Rhonda for not dwelling on the fact that she was so attracted to a woman; she was more concerned about the age difference, which makes perfect sense.


I wished that we would have learned what happened to Rhonda’s previous husband, Bill, earlier in the book. It left me wondering through most of the book and it was over 60% through before we learn what happened. However, I still enjoyed the story and loved getting to know Jo and Rhonda.



I really enjoyed this book although it made me realize that I’m a hypocrite. The reason?  I’m in a bit of a May-December relationship myself. I’m the May part of the relationship; my partners have always been older than I. When I read the story and put myself in Jo’s position, this is a wonderful love story. When I put myself in Rhonda’s position, I become uncomfortable. Hypocritical to the extreme. Thanks, TJ, for making me realize that I need to work on myself. Anyway, like I said, this is a wonderful love story, from their initial attraction to each other that they both try to ignore, to both deciding that they have to explore their feelings, to developing deeper feelings, and even to having to deal with the reactions of family and friends. There is a double standard in society that says when an older man is involved with a younger woman, it is proof that he is still virile, that he still has what it takes. However, society frowns on a woman getting involved with a younger partner, and I don’t think there’s much difference even when it involves two women. The scene at one of the grandkid’s basketball game where Rhonda is given the inquisition about her younger companion is proof of that; Rhonda scandalizes the gossips at the game when she doesn’t deny that they’re together. Sometimes stories point out our prejudices almost as an aside. But at the heart of things, this story is about Jo and Rhonda, and how they find happiness and home in one another. And that’s what romance is all about.



A beautifully written passionate romance. Some novels are romantic, this is an exquisitely written love story. It is full of ardour, devotion and affection following the journey between two very fervent woman who have both arrived at a critical and defining time in their lives.
I thought the premise of this novel was also different and made for a worthy and dramatic storyline.
The ending was a delicious and satisfying conclusion to a fascinating and inspiring romance.
Ms Thomas has shown how well she can portray her characters, giving them life, emotions and believability. Her narrative and her weaving of the plot is admirable my only question would be is she striving for the adventure, realism   and authentic or the erotic? Which audience is she aiming for?This novel just about managed to span both audiences.
If this is Ms Thomas’s first novel I will certainly be looking out for more in the future.
I wish I could give this book 10 stars, I loved it so much! When a book makes you really get under the skin of the characters and you feel every emotion so intensely, you know you are reading the words of a very talented writer.  The story of Jo, an abused teen who was taken in by Rhonda and her family 10 years before, is a beautiful, heart-wrenching love story that will require a box of tissues on hand for the amazing ending.
Ten years on Jo is back in her home town for a wedding and reconnects with Rhonda, the mother of her best friends at school, and the woman who looked after her at an horrific time of her life.  She is immediately attracted to Rhonda but she is straight so assumes that nothing can happen between them.  Rhonda is bowled over by the adult Jo and has feelings that she is totally shocked at but can’t shake them off.  She kisses Jo at the end of the night and both feel something very powerful.  When Jo moves in with her as a temporary lodger they begin to grow closer and can’t deny their feelings.  Problems arise when the family find out and the women have to try and cope with their feelings too.
The book rides a rollercoaster of emotions and I rode them too.  The women are perfect for each other but family issues, a twenty year age gap and fear of the future keeps holding them back.  In the end they love each other too much and their connection is too strong to let go.  Their love scenes are wonderfully written and really hot.  Jo is quite reserved and does not easily share her feelings.  Rhonda is holding back for another reason though- she feels her age would be a problem later.  I won’t spoil the ending but suffice to say I was in floods of happy tears.
~Kitty Kat


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TJ Thomas lives in western Massachusetts where she enjoys a quiet life with her college professor wyf, Elle, and their animals. An IT manager by profession, TJ’s passion is writing, and she spends much of her free time in that pursuit.
TJ and Elle are equidistant from their two adult children who live in London and San Diego and they enjoy traveling to all points in between and beyond.
A Reunion to Remember is her first novel.


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