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Title: Fet (The Rock #1)
Author Name: Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Publication Date & Length: September 1, 2015 – 232 pgs


Former Navy SEAL Axel Blaze lives a solitary life. He doesn’t do emotions, and he doesn’t do babysitting. Used to being on his own, his job consists of Wetwork (a charming term coined by the KGB) for his former Master Chief, Mac. When an out-of-the-ordinary job lands on his doorstep, Axel heads down a path that includes a famous heavy metal rock band and one quiet, vulnerable, guitar-shredding virtuoso named Gareth Wolf.

Gareth Wolf’s life changed in an instant when a car he was a passenger in crashed, hurting his brother’s best friend and the band’s lead guitarist. They created the band, Skull Blasters, as kids. Gareth had always been happy in the background, playing roadie. With the lead guitarist’s injury, Gareth is suddenly thrust into the limelight and into a frenzied life he never imagined for himself. Finally fed up with living a lie, Gareth comes out as gay in a newspaper interview and finds himself in the bulls-eye of a crazed stalker. Somebody wants Gareth hurt – or worse – and Mac has been hired to be sure that doesn’t happen. Babysitting duty is NOT Axel’s strong suit, but Mac won’t be budged.

Enter Axel Blaze. Against his better judgment, the big man takes the job to protect the shy musician. The more time he spends with Gareth Wolf, the more he admires the man. Where’s a simple assassination when you need one? The situation becomes more volatile for each man as the attempts on Gareth escalate just as Axel finds himself falling for the quiet lead guitarist.
Strong, funny, smart-ass — and kinda sweet Axel is everything Gareth has ever wanted in a man. Too bad he’s off limits. As the stalker grows bolder, Gareth and Axel move closer emotionally – but is it too late? All Axel knows is that they don’t stand a chance if he can’t find the maniac trying to kill the man he’s come to care about. A lot.

Everyone knows that relationships that begin in pressured or volatile situations eventually fizzle out. Or do they?

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Holy cow, I just love this author and she didn’t disappoint with this book. I loved how sweet and naive Gareth is, he made him seem like the boy next door. Gareth is in a band with his brother and other childhood friends, he never wanted to be in the band but an accident lead to him filling in and becoming a member. Axel is an ex-Navy SEAL who is hired to babysit Gareth after he starts receiving death threats. The attraction between Gareth and Axel is instant but neither one lets the other one know. The relationship actually starts slow and works its way up. I loved it. The secondary characters are great and I can’t wait to hear each of their stories in the upcoming books. I laughed and cried while reading this book, I felt all the emotions Gareth was going through and I just wanted to reach through my kindle and hug him! As always the sex was hot and leaves you panting and wanting more. This will be another amazing series from this author and I can’t wait to read each and every one of them. Go SkullBlasters!

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I love…love…LOVE this author’s writing style!!! Sandrine Gasq-Dorion grabbed my attention, and heart, from Page 1. I was hooked… captivated by her incredible writing.
DEVOURED this intense, sexy Journey with Axel and Gareth!!!
I had a few OMG moments when I recognized a band, Ivory Tower, from the Rock God series by Ann Lister!!!!!!!! I LOVE that series <3
Reviewer: Kimberley
I can’t lie.. I picked up this story more for the Navy Seal than the rocker aspect, however, I fell in love with the rock side of things and Gareth, our rocker.
There is so many good things about this book it’s hard to decide where to start. The fact that Gareth wanted to come out even though it might hurt the band because it’s simply who he is and he is tired of hiding it. Then there is the fact that his band mates are behind him no matter what. The brotherly love that is there no matter what, no sibling rivalry here. The fact that one of our heros got to see just how much good it can do when a celebrity comes out for younger people who need support and encouragement. Having a big masculine man, a Navy SEAL at that, who is gay and proud.. Oh I could go on and on. There is so many wonderful little things in this story.
There is a few twists and turns in the story as we try to find out who is behind the threats against Gareth and I have to say I was surprised at who it was and WHY, but it totally worked.
Sure there could’ve been another run through of editing, but for once, I really didn’t care because the story itself was so much bigger than that for me.
I know I for one will be waiting for the next book in this series!


Let me start out by saying that Yum, ex navy SEAL Axel is just yummy.  I love his attitude and how he still has a great relationship with men from his team.  He knows that he might not be the most suited person for this job, but he takes it anyways, simply because his friend believes in him.  I really enjoyed Axel’s character.  He was grounded, if somewhat judgmental, but not unwilling to acknowledge his wrong assumptions.

Then you have Gareth.  He seems so innocent throughout this whole story.  I did enjoy how he was able to really be himself around the band.  I was worried that the story would create angst where there shouldn’t be any, but Gasq-Dion did a good job at creating the dynamic among the band members.

I think where the book fell slightly short was that you were not given much background on Axel.  We were led to believe that he was now a mercenary/assassin, that Gareth didn’t mind that and that Axel had some reservations about giving himself to someone to love because of this, but nothing was ever really discussed.  It seemed that it was just thrown in there.  Even with that strange part of the story, I still really enjoyed it.

Then you have the mystery.  While it wasn’t too hard of a mystery, it did create some twists and turns which I found enjoyable.  I really, really hope all the band members and SEALS get their own stories, because yum!  Can’t wait for the second one.



Ok so who doesn’t like to read about a hot SEAL turned babysitter.  This book was very good, it had a good mystery story to it.  I thought the plot was great.  Gareth and Axel were perfect characters in this story.  The chemistry between the two was off the charts. I loved the name calling between the two it added some humor to the story.

Although it had a good cute romantic side to it I think the mystery of the story was great.  It had some action to it to keep you interested. Definitely would read more by this author.



Rockstar falls in love with the Navy SEAL hired to protect him?  Sandrine-Gasq-Dion has written my ultimate fantasy novel!  This spin-off from Ann Lister’s Rock Gods series  follows a new band, The Skull Blasters.  While some of our favourite Rock Gods reappear here, Gasq-Dion’s story replaces much of the emotional angst and graphic sex of the Rock Gods books with a suspenseful storyline complete with a crazed stalkers and a SEAL-turned assassin-turned bodyguard.  

I’m a huge fan of both Lister’s Rock Gods and Gasq-Dion’s Assassin/Shifter series and this collaboration was always going to work for me.  

The style of writing in this story is quite a departure from the style of the Assassin/Shifter series.  Despite the usual copy-editing errors, this feels more polished and a little more sophisticated.  Characters are more vibrant, descriptions are more vivid and while the first person present-tense narration is unusual, it works here.  

I really enjoyed The Skull Blasters and the relationships between the bandmates, especially Gareth and Ransom.  The brothers’ life story was beautifully written.  

I felt like I needed a little more relationship building between Gareth and Axel to fully believe in their romance – and I desperately wanted to know more about Axel’s secret life.  It just isn’t fair to introduce an assassin/mercenary and not give us his story!

The romantic suspense feels like a compromise for Gasq-Dion.  This is so much tamer than her exciting Assassin/Shifter books, but still not a pure romance like the original Rock Gods books.  I prefer the author’s action stories, but this is still a great read.  



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Thumping music was shaking the walls of the Dome as I headed for my designated spot. I guess I’m meeting Paul, the band’s manager.

I took mental notes as I passed through the crowd of screaming, jumping people. The band was rocking it out and I sought out Gareth Wolf. There were two guitarists, but I found him right away. Black hair touched his shoulders and his lean body moved with his guitar.

He was in his element.

The song was wrapping up and the floor was shaking from the bass drum. The floor-to-ceiling speakers pumped out the last notes of the song. The crowd immediately went wild as Ransom Fox leaned over the stage.

“Let’s hear it for the best lead guitarist on the planet!” he shouted.

Gareth shook his hair back and bowed with one hand out. Again, the crowd screamed, shouted and whistled. Ransom went on to give some love to the other members of the group.

I rolled my eyes and pushed my way through the crowd toward the side of the stage. A large man eyed me and then nodded as I walked by. Again, I could have been wearing a ‘Hello, I’m God’ tag and security wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. As it was, my tag faced backwards; he couldn’t even see my name or credentials.

Security for the Skull Blaster band was sorely lacking.

I sat through another hour of bone-jarring hardcore metal before the band finally left the stage. I scanned the area for their manager, but no luck.

I walked right behind the curtain and fell into step with the band members as they trudged toward their dressing rooms. They didn’t even notice me — and I’m really hard to miss.

They stepped into the dressing room; I followed and slammed the door shut behind me. Ransom turned and his eyes widened.

“Who the fuck are you?!”

“Nice of you to finally notice me,” I pointed out.

“Paul!” Ransom thundered. He immediately moved in front of Gareth, shielding him.

“Oh for fucks sake.” I rolled my eyes.

The door behind me opened and a startled man looked me over from head to toe. He flipped my name badge over and sighed audibly, clearly relieved.

“It’s cool, Ransom. This is the guy I was telling you about.”

“You could have mentioned he was a semi-truck.” Ransom’s eyes narrowed.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you,” Paul apologized to me. “I ran into some media and couldn’t get away.”

“Not that this isn’t fun — because, oh so much fun — but I’m here to do a job. So I need to speak to whoever is in charge of ‘security.’ Now.” I leaned very slightly — but effectively — in to Paul’s face.


I turned to see Gareth peeking out from behind his brother’s broad shoulders. His eyes were a shade of green I’d never seen before, and with his pale complexion and dark hair? The guy was a looker and then some.

“Because band security royally sucks. I walked right on back here with them and not one person noticed or stopped me. That is not acceptable.”

“Who are you?” Gareth gaped.

I pinned him with a hard look. “I’m your bodyguard.”

Ransom chuckled.

“What the actual fuck?” Gareth stepped in front of his brother. “Is this a joke?”

“Nope.” Ransom shook his head.

“Jinx, Harley, Rebel. Give us a few, eh?” Paul opened the door and tilted his head toward the hallway.

“Sure thing, boss.” Rebel tipped his hat and winked at me.

I leaned against the wall as the members walked out. I overheard one of them, not sure which, talking to another.

“Did you see the size of that guy?”

“How could you miss him?” another one answered.

Paul shut the door and turned to Gareth with an apologetic smile.

“I knew what you’d say if we told you beforehand,” he admitted.

“Oh, did you now? You had to get me Conan the Destroyer? Jesus Christ!”

“Gareth,” Ransom warned.

“What? This is stupid! I don’t need a human shield!”

“You’re going to play nice and allow this man to watch your back, Gareth!” Ransom shouted. “You’re getting threats since you came out! I insist you be kept safe!”

“Gareth, why don’t you go clean up? Then you and Mr. Blaze can get acquainted.”

“Seriously? Blaze?” Gareth snorted.

I narrowed my eyes at the kid. Well, to me he was a kid, after everything I’d seen in my life. Gareth was almost twenty-three and I was pushing thirty. We locked eyes for a few seconds before he turned away.


Sandrine Author Photo

I have been blessed in this life to not only have parents that support me, but kids that do as well. I grew up in a loving but “Old School” French household. My parents worked for the airlines (TWA) so I was able to see a lot of Europe as a kid. I moved to Seattle Washington at the age of 22 and stayed there for twelve years before moving to Alaska for a little over two. Fairbanks, AK was one hell of an experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back! I spent a little over a year in South Carolina before moving back to Arizona. I then left for Kansas for five years and now reside in Arizona. I’ve been connected to the military in one way or another for over half my life and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Writing has become my full time job and I’ve never been so happy doing a job I love and being able to do it in my jammies. I plan on writing until I dry up and die. Hopefully, that won’t happen soon!


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