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Title: Saving Ren (Barretti Security Series #3)
Author Name: Sloane Kennedy
Publication Date & Length: September 30, 2015 – 232 pgs


Three men brought together by circumstance who found something none of them knew they needed…

Ren Barretti has finally come home after a year of being held captive by the terrorists who slaughtered his entire Special Forces team. But he can’t escape the nightmares that torment him or the guilt that he was the only one to walk away. The life his older brothers have brought him home to doesn’t exist for him anymore and to keep them and their loved ones safe from the rage and pain that consume him, Ren needs to disappear.

Police Detective Declan Hale has felt an undeniable pull towards the very straight Ren Barretti since the day Ren’s brother married Declan’s younger sister almost a dozen years earlier. But even though the Ren who has come home isn’t the one who left, all of Declan’s feelings come rushing back to the surface and he steps in to help the only man he’s ever truly wanted. And even though there’s no future for them, keeping Ren safe is all that matters and Declan will risk anything to make that happen.

Tough as nails former soldier and mercenary Jagger Varos has returned to Seattle after years of running from his past and he’s hoping that joining Barretti Security Group will help him finally call the city he left behind home. But within weeks, his new beginning is tested after multiple run-ins with the gruff, infuriating Detective Hale. When he inadvertently discovers that Declan is hiding Ren from the very brothers offering Jagger a new start, Jagger finds himself torn between his newfound loyalty to Vin and Dom Barretti and the need to protect the young man he himself helped rescue from his captors.

For Declan and Jagger, it’s hate at first sight but they soon realize that they will need each other if they have any hope of saving Ren from himself. And neither of them expects their mutual distrust in one another to grow into something else entirely or that Ren himself will find in both of them what he needs to rebuild his life and come to terms with who he really is.

Can the fierce attraction between three men become something more or will the demands of the real world tear them apart?

Note: This book contains explicit M/M/M content and is intended for mature audiences

Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. No cliffhangers.

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This was an emotional roller-coaster!  It was so good that I know that I am going to have a hard time putting everything I want to say about this story in to a coherent review.

Starting out – Jagger is such the alpha male character.  He is strong, hard headed at times and loves deeply.  He not only has to overcome his own insecurities, but help Declan and Ren overcome theirs.  I loved getting to know a little more about this deep, severely loyal man.  Despite his outward appearance, he is just as in need of saving as Ren.  Each carry their own scars.

Then you have Declan.  Despite his holding a candle for Ren for so long, his new outlook on the developing feelings he has for Jagger are not only confusing, but scary too.  Declan has a past that is not altogether horrible, but not hearts and rainbows either.  Despite his wanting to protect and love Ren, Declan knows that he might be in over his head.  I love that you get to see his struggle – his desperate attempts at keeping his life in order.

Finally, you have Ren.  He is slightly different, but still there.  His story is so sad – but in the end, it’s so uplifting.  He gets to live his own life, on his own terms.  And, while the journey to achieve that is hard, in the end, Declan and Jagger love him no less.

Their story is full of angst, love, passion, some very hot scenes, compassion and grace.  It spans quite a few months, so you don’t have that insta-love feeling and you really get to know the inner thoughts of each character and their own struggles.  It was an amazing story and my favorite thus far in the series.

I can’t wait for the next story to come out.  Sitting on pins and needles here!!!



  This book was such a good addition to this series!
So I will be honest I was a little hesitant going into this book because I am so picky about ménages. Let me just say the way the author wrote these three men together was perfect! Everything was equal and I honestly did not feel like anyone was being left out at all.
Declan who is Dom’s wife that passed a way’s brother is a cop which his how he meets Jagger who is under arrest. Well lets just say these two did not get along at first. Well without anyone knowing Declan has been helping Renwho has severe PSTD. Jagger follows Declan to the cabin Ren is at, that is when all three of them met. The sparks between these three were awesome.
The way the author told this story was really good! Ren has to go through so much trying to get better after what happened with to him in the army and Jagger and Declan are there for him the whole way. You do get some angst with this book and the sweet between these three but lets not forget the steam which was off the charts hot! You also see a lot of the same characters from the first book in this one too. Now I want to leave this review with I really hope that the next book in this series will be Conner’s book.. Maybe with Zane:).I just really want to see Conner get his HEA after everything he has been through.

All together I really loved this book!
I would definitely 100% Recommend this book!



Not gonna lie, I haven’t even read Book 1 or 2 yet. I skipped to 3 ’cause it sounded too interesting. I’ve never read a book by this author before, but that didn’t bother me. I like to read. 🙂
So, this is a threesome with a cop (Declan), a former mercenary turned bodyguard (Jagger) and a former soldier (Ren). This had all my favorite themes so of course I just had to read it when it was offered. I liked this threesome. Ren was all kinds of messed up when he returned from being held prisoner for a year. Jagger was part of the team that got him back. Declan is the brother-in-law of one of Ren’s older brother. He let Ren go and handed the code to his cabin because he’s been in love with Ren for 10 yrs. Ren wanted to hide from the world, afraid of what his PTSD/blackouts would make him do.
 The author did a great job making them a THREESOME, not 2 guys plus 1 extra guy. I really hate reading threesomes like that. And I liked how they each showed passion for one another equally. Sometimes authors fail to do that and Sloane Kennedy did a pretty awesome job. They fell for each other pretty fast, but their passion was HOT HOT HOT. actually, I kinda thought that there was too many sex scenes and not enough plot. That’s why it’s 4 stars instead of 5. I will admit, however, that I was dying for them to finally get together. When they did, I was like “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.”
I wish there was some action scenes. I mean, a cop, a mercenary and a soldier…can I get an action scene please? lol. I was disappointed that there wasn’t one. Ah well, can’t have’em all. I’m glad I found this author though.
I’m going to read Book 2. Book 3 made me too curious. Book 2 was happening in the same timeline as Book 3 so the readers gets bits and pieces of book 2’s plot.
Can I get more Declan, Jagger and Ren time? ;P


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When Sloane Kennedy is not doing her “grown-up” job you can find her writing about strong, passionate and slightly damaged men and women who are looking for love, even though they don’t always know it. She lives in Wisconsin (where it is usually either too cold or too hot for her!) with 2 dogs and 3 (incredibly spoiled) cats.

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