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Title: Bound to Fall
Author Name & Publisher: Jaime Samms (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 26, 2015 – 350 pgs


With so many fences between them and happily ever after, two men wonder if it’s worth opening the gate.

Ten years ago Eddie Crane, an actor on the rise, loved his costar and dreamed of the day they could be together. But his love, with his submissive nature, couldn’t handle fame, and before Eddie could help him, he died in a car accident—with Eddie at the wheel.

Now, guilt-ridden, Eddie buries himself in bad decisions and prays that a stunt—on or off camera—will go wrong.

Teenaged fantasies about the actor on his wall distracted Arthur Pike from real life—his dead father, runaway mother, gruff grandparents, and his unrequited love for his cousin’s straight husband. Now grown and off the farm, Pike is a horse stuntman hired to teach a reluctant Eddie to ride.

Pike is drawn to Eddie’s dominant nature despite the sadness clinging to the actor. Eddie let one lover down, but in Pike’s submissiveness, he sees the possibility for redemption.

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This was a long book or at least it seemed long to me. This was a,great book about Eddie the movie star who was self-destructing and needed this next movie to bring his career back to life. Pike was hired to help Eddie learn to ride the horses and do some of the stunts if necessary. Eddie is on a path of destruction since losing his last co-star slash partner. Pike is living in misery because he is in love with his straight best friend. The relationship between Pike and Eddie was a joy to watch unfold. Pike calms Eddie and brings him back to life.  Eddie has so much crap in his past and to deal with and once things start with Pike he is finally willing to clean up and do what he has to in order to keep Pike and finally be happy. Filled with ups and downs, a little angst and drama and some hot sex this was a great story and I loved how it all turned out.



A story about filming the movie of Ariel Tachna’s Inherit the Sky on a Canadian ranch was always going to be good. But the reality is so much better than I imagined. Eddie is the perfect Hollywood burn-out. Rude, arrogant and beautiful, he is pretty awful until we learn about the pain in his past. Pike has a few months to turn the spoiled movie star with a fear of horses into a convincing outback buckaroo.

The relationship between Pike and Eddie is a slow, complicated burn. Scars, closets, addictions and paparazzi add conflict to the story, but Pike’s family on the isolated Canadian ranch offers the men solitude and security. And Eddie needs the time to heal. Pike needs the time to move on from his first love and learn to live life on his own terms.

Jaime Samms descriptions and settings are beautiful. She brings Alberta’s ranch country to life perfectly. Her men are gorgeous and the relationship between Eddie and Pike is really special. The supporting characters are complicated and interesting. I loved this – highly recommended!



I found certain parts of this book incredibly interesting, but other parts just seemed to drag on forever. I enjoyed the couple themselves and found it interesting as they came together and learned about each other. I think if we’d lost some of the other outside characters and focused more on what was going on with just the two men and their pasts it would’ve drew me in more.
The D/s side of the relationship really didn’t work for me. Although I understood what was supposed to be happening, it just didn’t work how it was portrayed.
That being said I did like the writing style of the author and felt like it was just part of the storyline that didn’t work for me here.


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