TWO 4 Stars for Warrior and Priest by Katie Howe #MM #Romance


Title: Warrior and Priest
Author Name & Publisher: Katie Howe (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 26, 2015 – 200 pgs


On an earthlike planet ruled by the Elite, a rite called “the Gleaning” is used to select suitable spouses for those of merit. Nico Stamford is a member of the Geisha class. Though he has been trained for marriage all his life, becoming a healer and a priest in the process, all he wants is to cook and open a restaurant. Instead he becomes a candidate for the ritual. He hopes the Goddess will look kindly on him and eliminate him before the final choices are made. Alex DeVrie is a member of the Warrior class who has recently returned triumphant from a clash with an alien enemy. Made a duke of the Sixth Land as a reward, all Alex needs now is a husband. As soon as Alex sets eyes on Nico, he refuses to settle for anyone else.

Tradition says they can part ways after a year and a day. But love begins to grow as they unravel the mystery behind tragic events in the Sixth Land, and they uncover a conspiracy that could change their society.

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So I want to be honest and say while I really liked a lot of this book there were parts of this that really dragged for me also..
Nico is a priest in training and going up for auction to be married. He also has special powers and has been named a prince in his own right because he has such special powers.
Alex is a duke who is ready to marry and settle down so the minute he lays eyes on Nico he knows he was meant to be his husband.
Now this is one of the problems I had with this book.. Although I thought the world this author built really was amazing there was just so much going on that Nico and Alex really spent very little time together so I am not really sure how I feel about them as a couple because I did not see enough of them together to really get a feel for them.
I did feel how much Alex cared for Nico but I am unsure how Nico feels about Alex.. I honestly felt like he was kind of standoffish with him through a lot of this book.
You do learn a lot about this world through this book as well as meeting a lot of different characters too.
So while I liked this world and the authors pretense of this story I just did not get enough of Alex and Nico together. I guess to me at least there was a little too much world building and other things going on, that parts of this story started dragging a little bit to me unfortunately. But other thing that I really did like this book.

All together I really liked this book!



I liked this story. It was interesting and the main characters were likable. In Nico’s earthlike world, he’s trained to be a class A mate/husband for influential men. Reading, writing, healing, etc. He had many classes to take, but what he loved most was cooking even though his healing magic was admired by his Teachers. When it was time for the Ceremony, the event where they can be chosen to be husbands by a select few, Nico catches the eye of Alex, a newly appointed Duke. He’s also a warrior.
Alex was a total goner when he first saw Nico. It was cute. Nico had tripped and fallen with Alex witnessing the whole thing and it was just love at first sight. I laughed when Nico went out of this way to not be picked by anyone so he’s free to become a cook, but of course Alex just had to have him. And he did get him. I liked Alex a lot because Nico had him wrapped around his finger and knew it. Still, he did whatever he could to make Nico happy while being protective.
The plot with Nico becoming a Prince was interesting, but confusing. Though I did like seeing him interact with the poor villages and making changes. Doing good. Of course Alex was right there.
Great cover! I look forward to reading another book from this new-to-me-author. 🙂


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