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Restless Shadows, Waiting Roads - cover

Title: Restless Shadows, Waiting Roads
Author Name & Publisher: Yolande Kleinn (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 23, 2015 – 40 pgs


As a child, Caleb was helplessly drawn to the woods behind his family’s house—a deep forest that became a friend, a sharer of secrets, even a protector. On the night Caleb was stranded by a blizzard, a mysterious figure saved his life and kept him from harm.

But all too soon his family moved away, and Caleb set the mysterious stranger aside as a figment of his imagination. Now, more than fifteen years later, Caleb returns to the woods he left behind and encounters a familiar face…

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This was a super fast read…

You get Caleb and Eli with this book. Caleb first meeting Eli when he got lost in the forest when he was young. Well Caleb comes back to his hometown when he is grown and goes back to the forest were he see Eli again.. I really cant go much more into this without giving away the whole story. But I will say you are left with a lot of questions and wanting more..
I really liked this story!


This was an interesting short story. It was interesting to see the way Caleb as a child was drawn to the forest without knowing why, but always feeling so comfortable there. But after an incident, he leaves the area… only to return when he’s an adult.
At the end, I felt like there was so many questions left unanswered and that is what kept it from being a five star read. however, it is left in such a way I would be interested in reading a follow up story to find out what the answers were.
The writing was easy to read and drew the reader in from the start.
All in all I found it entertaining though.


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Yolande Kleinn is a shameless dreamer, a stubborn optimist, and a purveyor of erotic romance. Excitable, fastidious and just a little eclectic, she spends every spare moment writing the stories she wants to read. If she can drag other people into the pool along with her, then so much the better.

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