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Title: Painful Lessons
Author Name & Publisher: S.C. Wynne (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: January 1, 2016 – 200 pgs


As a freshman both in love and in college, sometimes there are painful lessons to be learned.

Excited to begin his first year of college, Brett Bridgeworth has just one problem: he sucks at math. Luckily there’s the sensual and mysterious math tutor, Jeremy Price, to help him out. It isn’t long before Jeremy is tutoring Brett in more than just pie charts, but it isn’t until they split up that Brett discovers Jeremy’s twisted, obsessive side.

Sam Hawthorne is two years ahead of Brett, and they share a strong mutual attraction. When Brett breaks it off with Jeremy and gets involved with Sam, disturbing things start happening. It soon becomes obvious that Jeremy isn’t willing to let Brett go without a fight.

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This is a delightfully creepy little book. A little bit coming of age story, a little bit family drama, a little bit romance… and a little bit psycho stalker.

Brett’s first semester at college starts with the familiar frantic rush to make friends, join clubs, find a tutor and get a boyfriend. It starts out well but Brett gets a little more than he bargained for when he starts a relationship with his attractive but slightly possessive math tutor.

I really enjoyed this. I could poke holes in the slightly implausible, slightly rushed plot, but ultimately this was a sweet, feel-good college story with a little suspense added.

Brett is a great character. The ultimate poor little rich boy, he seeks acceptance and affection wherever he can find it. Because he is so needy, I fully believed in his unlikely relationship with Jeremy.

Depth and emotional resonance is added to the story as Brett explores his relationship with Sam and develops a relationship for his father for the first time. This isn’t complicated or even very sophisticated but it is a fun, easy new adult story.



Brett’s first year of collage is not going well…

You get the crazy stalker EX with this book along with new love. The way this author wrote these characters and this story was really good. It grabbed me from the start of this story even though there were times that Brett’s decisions were annoying and made me want to pull my hair out lol.

You get a little action and some angst along with some steam too. Brett and Sam must go through a lot on their way to a relationship with each other. But I loved the fact that even when times were tuff they were both there for each other.

So I will leave this review with… I really liked this book and would recommend it!



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S.C. Wynne started writing m/m in 2013 and did look back once. She wanted to say that because it seems everyone’s bio says they never looked back and, well S.C. Wynne is all about the joke. She loves writing m/m and her characters are usually a little jaded, funny and ultimately redeemed through love.
S.C loves red wine, margaritas and Seven and Seven’s. Yes, apparently S.C. Wynne is incredibly thirsty. S.C. Wynne loves the rain and should really live in Seattle but instead has landed in sunny, sunny, unbelievably sunny California. Writing is the best profession she could have chosen because S.C. is a little bit of a control freak. To sit in her pajamas all day and pound the keys of her laptop controlling the every thought and emotion of the characters she invents is a dream come true.
If you’d like to contact S.C. Wynne she is amusing herself on Facebook at all hours of the day or you can contact her at

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