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Title: Melting the Ice Queen
Author Name & Publisher: Mish Daniels (Hot Ink Press)
Publication Date & Length: August 4, 2014 — 33 pages


Eager to end the work week from hell, Holly Tyler has one last task to finish before hitting happy hour with friends. Or so she thinks. Ms. Oliver, also known around the office as The Ice Queen, insists she accompany her to an afterhours meeting.
As the meeting begins, Holly quickly discovers that Ms. Oliver has some deliciously naughty ideas that practically make her melt. And they don’t involve taking notes or dealing with clients!
Before the weekend is over, she’ll realize how much fun it can be to mix business with pleasure.

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Holly is PA to Miss Oliver, otherwise known as the’ Ice Queen’.  When Miss Oliver asks her to accompany her to a client dinner she is nervous but goes along with it.  How could she know that this night could change her life forever?  This is a very hot and sexy story of Miss Oliver, Megan, revealing to Holly that she really, really wants her and Holly realising that she wants the same thing.  It is a well written story that just gets better and better.  I listened to the audio version and found it totally absorbing.  Holly had not been attracted to women before but Megan just made it impossible for her to say no.  Once they got started Holly was never going to be able to turn back.  I think there could be more to these characters and I hope that Mish Daniels decides to write a longer story, letting the reader know how they develop.

~Kitty Kat


This review is for the audio version of the book. I really like the story from an erotica standpoint. It’s great erotica and that last little start in the office on Monday morning was perfect. One big hole, as far as I’m concerned, is that Holly never really freaked about being attracted to a woman. I’m not saying every woman would, or that it should happen. But when you’ve gone for however long in your life without getting turned on by a woman, I think it would freak you out a bit more when it does happen. Especially if you then act on those feelings, instead of pushing them down where you don’t really have to question anything, which is probably more likely a reaction. However, the scenes are hot, and there is at least a nod towards Holly holding back a bit at the beginning, so that’s easy to get past. The narration is good, with a breathy quality that is perfect for an erotic story, or sex scenes in a longer novel. The only problem I had with the narration is that there wasn’t really a change of “tone” in the various scenes. I don’t mean that the narrator was monotone, so much as the feel of the sex scenes was pretty close to the feel of, say, the copy room. What that actually led to was me wondering if Holly was about to be bent over the copier at some point, which alas, will continue to only happen in my imagination. The other thing was that there wasn’t much distinction between Holly and Megan’s voices. Things for the narrator to think of for next time. Overall, the book was a hot little read that had me squirming a bit in the car. So, in other words, good.




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Mish Daniels lives in the heart of Texas. She likes to drive fast, listen to loud music, and do things different than everyone else. Normality really is boring!

She has always enjoyed escaping into a good book and now enjoys writing her own. Mish mainly writes contemporary gay and lesbian erotica and erotic romance. She has a strong belief in tolerance and equality. She thinks everyone deserves a happy ever after.

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