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Title: Locked Inside
Author Name & Publisher: Annette Mori (Affinity Ebooks Press NZ LTD)
Publication Date & Length: November 29, 2015 – 199 pgs


How much does the power of love matter to someone who has overcome obstacles greater than most people face in a lifetime?
Carly, a beautiful and vivacious young woman, sees something in the semi-comatose Belinda and they form an unusual bond.
Can Carly help Belinda break free from her emotional prison? Will Belinda’s fears allow their relationship to evolve into something deeper?
Find out in this wonderfully evocative romance that is sure to touch your heart.

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A very empathic novel which I felt was beautifully written. The author treated this difficult subject with great sensitivity and compassion. The author has obviously researched this syndrome well.
I thought the way the author broached the subject, explained what was happening and then slowly progressed with the recovery and the story line made this an excellent novel. As Belinda recovered and her body awakened her emotions and feeling also awoke. Ms Mori wove a passionate love story with an enlightening insight into “locked in syndrome”.
I thought the characters were beautifully crafted and it was a delight to see them grow and mature emotionally and sexually. I also liked the different supporting characters who were introduced, the straight talking friends, the bigots, the weak ones and the strong ones. I particularly enjoyed the way both girls families reacted to Belinda, each very differently but each enriching the story line.
This was one of those books that you begin to read and then find it almost impossible to put down. After reading this I will certainly be looking for further books by this accomplished writer.
FiveStarsWhat an amazing, inspiring and soul-enriching book this is! I absolutely loved it and can’t recommend it highly enough. The story is of Belinda, a 16 year old girl ‘locked in’ after suffering a terrible illness. She is living in a rehab care facility and has been for six years. When Carly begins to volunteer at the facility she sees something in Belinda that draws her to the girl and she starts to visit her and read to her. Soon small signs appear showing that Belinda is beginning to wake from her condition but it is very slow and takes huge determination on her own part as well as that of her friends and family for her to make progress. Carly is gay and obviously is in love with Belinda but feels it inappropriate to say so and as Belinda becomes more and more aware she begins to feel the same.
The novel is written in the first person, from Belinda’s point of view. It is wonderfully told and draws the reader into the mind of someone who cannot communicate her thoughts at first. I really felt that I knew Belinda and the writer was so skilled at engendering empathy. Belinda and Carly remain friends but it is the development of their relationship that becomes more and more interesting. Belinda makes progress with her rehab and we see that she is more than the person in the wheelchair that others can’t see past. The people around her are well written too and are all so important to her story.
A terrific book , the most amazing story and a well deserved 5 stars.
~Kitty Kat
FourStarsI was pretty intrigued by this book. So much so that I actually inquired if it was a book that was available to us. This story delivered. I really enjoyed reading about this phenomenon and the recovery through Belinda’s viewpoint. It gave the story an immediacy and a sort of inherent empathy to be able to experience the things that Belinda did. Although I’m not really a fan of first person pov, it really worked, and actually enhanced the story for me. That being said, some things I almost wished I’d gotten to experience more of. I would have like more about why it happened in the first place, or if that wasn’t feasible, perhaps an explanation from one of the doctors about why they couldn’t find a cause. Instead there was almost a throwaway line from Belinda about how they never discovered a reason and that was it. I did like the neurological explanation of how Belinda was able to come back. The brain finds a way to create new pathways. It speaks to the miracle of the human body, and how much we don’t know even about ourselves, much less the universe. I love that Carly not only believes in Belinda, but sticks by her no matter what. I love that they become so intertwined that their families do as well. I would have liked to hear a bit more about her recovery through actual scenes though, not simply her relating what happened. The other thing I would have liked is some resolution about what she goes on to do in life. There was so much foreshadowing of this, and so many hints and casual references to it throughout Belinda’s story, but we never really found out at the end what she went on to do. I also didn’t care for the things that Belinda said and did that kept her from telling Carly how she really felt. I understand it had to be done for the story to go the way it did, but it just doesn’t seem like she’d have kept making the decision to remain silent so many, many times. The one reason that I could accept for this, that Belinda didn’t believe she was worthy of Carly because she was stuck in a wheelchair, seemed like it was diluted by Belinda believing she couldn’t ever be Carly’s type. All in all, this was a well-written book that kept me engaged and turning pages. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes YA books.


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