Two 4 Stars for Forsaken by Laydin Michaels #FF #Crime


Title: Forsaken
Author Name & Publisher: Laydin Michaels (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: December 15, 2015 – 240 pgs


Blake Campbell has always struggled with anxiety and leads an isolated life. When she rents a beach house with her best friend, the last thing she expects is murder. Her connection to Lindsay Duvall forces her to confront her lifelong issues.

Lindsay Duvall has one goal, to be a Texas Ranger. She has worked hard for it and has never let anything get in her way. But when Blake Campbell falls into her life, she shakes Lindsay’s carefully constructed foundations.

Will the hunt for this killer be the catalyst that brings Blake out of her shell and alters Lindsay’s plans for the future? Or will the moment, and the killer, escape them?

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Shy, anxious Blake finds socialising very difficult but her friend Krystal does all she can to get her out and about.  They meet State Trooper, Lindsay, at a club and all hit it off immediately.  Blake and Lindsay are attracted to each other and Blake overcomes her social anxiety and agrees to a date.  Tragedy strikes the group of friends though when a vicious murder takes place.
The story develops at a great pace, with just the right amount of tension.  Lindsay wants to become a Texas Ranger and being involved in the case could help her to her goal.  As she becomes involved withy Blake her priorities begin to change, and she realises that career isn’t everything.  Her internal conflict is clear for all to see.
Blake is certainly put through the mill – will it be too much for her or will she find resources she didn’t know she had? I enjoyed reading about their relationship and it was inter-woven well with the increasingly disturbing and tension-filled murder case.
I would recommend this book and can see further developments for these characters, should the author decide to write another instalment.

Kitty Kat


This was an interesting read, and I truly enjoyed it, but I wonder if it could have been just that little bit better if the focus hadn’t been so split. The book starts out like a contemporary romance, and it starts out sweet and makes you like the two main characters, and root for their budding romance. Then we get sucked in to this serial killer’s mind, and the book totally takes a turn. I will say that Michaels surprised me several times – in a good way – with the plot turns and twists. What I thought was going to happen was never what happened, and I liked that. Usually in a romantic suspense novel, the romance part takes more of a lower priority than the action. In this book, they’re more equal than I’m used to seeing. I think it’s because usually both characters are involved in the suspense part together for a longer time, but that wasn’t as possible in this story, so we have more scenes of the romance than you would usually see. Anyway, what I’m trying to say, rather poorly, is that if the book focused more on being either a suspense novel, or a romance novel, it wouldn’t feel so strangely like there were two books in one.

Regardless, I liked the plot. I liked the characters. And I liked the fact that it wasn’t predictable. I’ll definitely be looking for more by this author in the future.

Amy P.


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Laydin Michaels is a native Houstonian with deep Louisiana roots. She finds joy and happiness in the loving arms of her wife, MJ. Her life is also enriched by her son, CJ, and her four fur children. Her love of the written word started very early. She has been a voracious reader all her life. Forsaken is her first novel.

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