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Title: Closing Ranks (Flesh #4)
Author Name & Publisher: Ethan Stone (DSP Publications)
Publication Date & Length: October 20, 2015 – 244 pgs


Internal Affairs investigator Jeremy Ranklin is looking into corruption within the Reno Police Department when he’s ordered to examine the suspicious death of the Chief of Police. The assignment partners Jeremy with Detective Cristian Flesh. Though they spar at first, Jeremy earns Cristian’s trust, and they work well together.

Deeply closeted, Jeremy fights an attraction to fellow cop Kipp Mosely. The investigation brings Jeremy and Kipp together, but lies and secrets prevent things from going any further. Jeremy will need both Kipp’s and Cristian’s help to discover how deep the corruption runs—and to stay alive when the danger hits close to home.

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I didn’t enjoy this story as much as the previous stories, but the love story was fairly strong.  Kipp and Jeremy had a very intense, quick to deepen relationship.  While I was excited for Jeremy to find someone who would accept him, I found it incredibly frustrating that they were in a love/hate relationship for a good portion of the beginning.
These two were somewhat YA in their relationship.  They want to be together, but can’t be due to outside influences, then they had some inner issues – trust – but it wasn’t really about trust. I felt that Jeremy was always asking more of Kipp in terms of honesty, but I could get over that.
The mystery part of the story was more behind the scenes – you knew what was going on, but didn’t ever really get to see the mystery being solved.  I did really like how you were able to see the inner monologue of Jeremy – the way he was thinking.
I was also glad that you got to see Flesh again. Despite his backseat role, I felt that he was true to himself and if you have read the previous stories, you’ll appreciate his dry, but sarcastic dialogue.  I really enjoyed the interactions between Jeremy and Flesh – I found them to be refreshing.
I do wish that we were able to see more about Bradley – and how he fit in to the story.
Finally, I really, really wish that Jeremy’s story was more complete.  I felt that his story was left hanging.
FourStarsI didn’t read the first 3 books in this series but I will certainly go back and read them now. The author writing was very easy to read. I loved how the author brought together two men who I would never have put together and make it work. I immediately had a connection with Jeremy (Rank) and that made the whole story come to life for me. I also loved the secondary characters as well. I do wish that they author would have made the mystery the bulk of the story but it seemed to enter more on Rank and Kipp’s relationship instead.


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