TWO 4 Stars for Blind Justice (Sequel to Injustice) by K.A. Kron and Brenda L. Leffler #FF #Suspense


Title: Blind Justice (Sequel to Injustice)
Author Name & Publisher: K.A. Kron and Brenda L. Leffler (Lethe Press)
Publication Date & Length: January 5, 2016 – 326 pgs


In the sequel to Injustice, Riley Connors has some serious woman problems. The love of her life, Ali Garcia, won’t give her the time of day, but plenty of others want a piece of her. Riley’s stream of one night stands doesn’t get her any closer to Ali, but does get the attention of a dangerous old flame who brings the past crashing back. While trying to make time to focus on her second year of law school, she and Charlie race to stop whoever is checking names off of a hit list, as the victims get closer to home. The ticking of the clock grows louder by the minute, and when the timer goes off, it’s not a drill.

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I listened to the first book of this series on audio, so I wasn’t sure how I would like reading the author’s style, instead of how the narrator affected my enjoyment. I’m glad to say, since I liked the audiobook, that reading the second book didn’t negatively affect my enjoyment at all. I found the style easy to read, engaging and really able to hold my interest.

There are a couple things I have a problem with, some of which were actually a little worse in this book than in the first. In the first book, I found Riley’s former profession fascinating. It was intriguing to see how she set things up and I can easily imagine the same type of operations being set up in foreign countries. The biggest problem is that as a field operative, Riley has little to no hand-to-hand capabilities. I’m not suggesting that she be another Jason Bourne, but she should have had some training. Also, and this is one of the things that was worse in the second book, Riley kept being taken by surprise. People snuck up on her fairly easily, and she actually got jumped. Admittedly, she’s tired, she’s exhausted, she’s got a lot on her mind, she’s dealing with quite a few frying pans in the fire. And she’s been out of the lifestyle for a couple years. But if she were even half as sloppy when she was on the job, she would be dead already.

The other problem I had with this particular book was how many people were involved. It really muddied up the waters. And that was perhaps the point. There had to be a reason that neither Riley nor Charlie was able to get a handle on what was going on, and too many suspects, all with their own agendas, is definitely one way to make sure things aren’t clear to your protagonists. But I felt a bit lost trying to figure out their thinking, or even their non-thinking when events occurred that I thought would have been rather clear.

Sometimes I couldn’t decide whether I liked Riley or not. I want to like her. I think she’s kind of a cool character. But she doesn’t have the type of maturity I would expect from a trained operative. The promiscuity and her lack of resistance to anything sexually related just seemed immature. She needs to grow up in that department, especially if she wants me to believe that she really loves Ali.

All in all, I’d say this seems like a more negative review than the rating indicates. But really, the book was fun to read, and I really enjoyed it. I liked/hated the ending. It made me definitely wish the next book was out already. If you want some escapism and aren’t looking for extreme realism, I’d give you this book and say go for it.

Amy P.


What I really enjoyed and found unusual about this novel was its presentation. It was almost written in a film noir type of setting. This gave the whole novel a really deep interesting and mysterious aura.
The feeling of the haggard PI was updated to the jaded older student, the femme fatale was there as was the ex girlfriend still playing a major role as the story unravelled.
There was plenty of exciting scenes and mysterious leads keeping the reader thoroughly entertained. The author also incorporated many modern idioms to give the impression of keeping things modern yet still preserving the stylish yet cynical attitudes associated with film noir.
I did enjoy this book but I finished it wanting to know more and I guess that is what the author hoped for, however I just felt like I needed more insight to complete my enjoyment of this well written novel.


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