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Title: Wrong Number, Right Guy
Author Name: Mia Watts
Publication Date & Length: January 30, 2015 – 83pgs


A wrong number with a sexy voice on the other end… What are the chances a regular guy has just hooked the hottest actor on the silver screen?

Ryan Pierce is in town shooting the latest romantic action movie and attending all the right publicity parties. He wasn’t expecting to pick up the phone to an easy laugh and real conversation. So, when he discovers that his caller has misdialed, it surprises him even more that he doesn’t want the man to hang up.

Dar Phillips is the last man to get star-struck, yet his best friend drags him out to be an extra on a movie set. It’s a chance to meet the guy on the set who he accidently called, but he has to admit the lead actor is hot stuff. Could the loping mega-star be his phone-a-friend? And, when they kiss, is Dar ready for the paparazzi and accusations of betrayal by the man who now stars in Dar’s every dream?

Who did Dar fall for? The elusive Ryan Pierce, who can’t be seen with him, or the quiet, gentle man who’s just a phone call away?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

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This was a great story about life as a celebrity. What it’s like to be famous and the lack of real, personal connections. Ryan is gay, but he isn’t free to live as he wants or even date the men he would like to because he is famous for being a heart throb, a straight heart throb.
Dar is just looking to talk to his best friend when he ends up with a stranger on the other end. When the stranger wants to keep talking because he enjoys having a conversation that is free of ‘work’ talk, Dar talks. The two develop a friendship.
I loved the two men and how their relationship evolved, but I will say that it lost a star for me because it was a bit over the top, lovey dovey after fairly little interaction.
Overall, not a bad story as it’s cute with a bit of super hot thrown in.

Ryan Pierce is a movie star – he is living his dream. At least, that’s what he thinks until he sees that he can’t be himself. He realizes how lonely he is.

Dar Phillips is a super sweet character. He knows what he wants, goes after it, is honest and a dose of reality for Ryan.

The spark over the phone is palpable – Watts writes beautifully when she describes their reactions. I love that even with the short amount of time that they spend on the phone together – they understand their connection.

And, of course, there must be some kind of angst within the story – this had some believable scenarios which I appreciated. Too many times there are “insta-love” stories with strange connections that authors force, but Watts did a great job at having a much more real flow to her story.

There were a few areas that needed the editor to go back over – just typos or missed spacing – but nothing overtly obvious. Overall, this was a sweet story.



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