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Title: The Master of Thornfield
Author Name: Zac Blue
Publication Date & Length: December 30, 2014 – 42pgs


Prior to the events of Jane Eyre, Grace Poole battles the devil as she struggles to save the master and mistress of Thornfield from the consequences of their sexual transgressions.

The rules of Victorian society decree that they can never be together, but the nineteen-year-old maid knows she must do everything in her power to save Mr. Rochester from the darkness that has engulfed Thornfield.

As the curse upon her mistress strengthens, Grace becomes a prisoner within the household she had once controlled. Helpless, the bisexual maid is forced to witness an orgy of sexual depravity while being denied her own sexual release.

Grace escapes Thornfield only to encounter an even greater danger.

When Rochester appears with an Obeah man and his sister—the two people who may be able to save Thornfield—Grace is confronted with both new carnal temptations and her own increasingly complex feelings for her cuckolded master. She warns Rochester of the orgy of sin that has gripped Thornfield, but there are other secrets she cannot divulge.

Grace finds comfort in the arms of Amelia, the Obeah man’s sultry sister.

That comfort, however, is short-lived as Amelia makes Grace realize the enormity of the task before them. The maid must decide if her loyalty lies with her master or mistress and if there is any way she can continue to serve them both.

Grace will be forced to decide exactly how much she is willing to sacrifice in order to save her master.

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This book was interesting. I’ve read the previous two installments, and I have to say this one was vastly different. It seemed more settled and resigned–the tone not the writing. That certainly fit the mood of the book.

The twist at the end was certainly interesting. I’m still wondering with Mrs. Rochester’s plans were for the child, but it’s not as relevant with what happened.

I am curious as to why every woman Grace got close to love turned evil in it though. It seems very sexist in a way. It’s not as if the men she craved or had sex with turned evil or were killed, it was only the women. (This part is for the series as a whole, not just the last book.)

This book was good, quick, hot, sexy, and kept my interest. It definitely meets the standards of the first two in the series.

4 stars



This is Part 3, the conclusion of the Thornfield series. In keeping with the other parts, it maintains its erotic momentum throughout.

Reading this series was a stretch for me. I didn’t (and still don’t) care for books that are mostly very graphic sex with little else. However, this was well-written and had enough of an intriguing storyline to keep me from feeling bored with the continuous sex.

The ongoing theme of good and evil, and what constitutes both of those, was interesting. The differences in the sexual encounters reflected the various perspectives of the characters on the subject, which I found fascinating to read.

The end was fitting for the series and felt right given the events leading up to it. While I’m glad I took the risk on this series, it’s not for everyone. Readers shouldn’t expect to go into the book for the purpose of being aroused by the erotic content–they should go in knowing it’s more likely to make them think.

4 stars



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A gentle knock came hours later and, without waiting for a response, Amelia entered. She stood framed in the doorway, and Grace took a long, lustful appraisal of her. Her short, wiry hair, her strong face dominated by a large, elegant nose. Her eyes twinkled; her lips looked wet with anticipation. She was a good foot taller than Grace and moved with a feline gait into the room. She still wore the grey dress and carried with her a small black drawstring bag.

“I am here,” she said. She loomed over Grace, who sat on the bed.

“Yes,” said Grace and opened her legs.

“I am a pious woman, Miss Grace. But I believe that there is a time for piety and a time for passion. I believe that a kiss can heal as much as a prayer.”

“Then heal me,” said Grace and lay back on the bed.

Amelia placed the bag on the floor and approached the bed. She took a long, slow impression of Grace. She smiled. “Such a pretty thing you are and so full of hellfire and yearning.”

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