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Title: Snap Decision (Delarosa Secrets #2)
Author Name: T.A. Chase
Length:  174pgs


Sometimes the only way to do your job—and discover love—is to trust your instincts.

D’Marcus ‘Snap’ Jefferson is a DEA agent who has worked hard to keep drugs from hitting the streets of Houston. So when Kenneth Santos walks in, claiming to have information about an upcoming drug shipment, Snap must make the choice whether to trust the stranger or not.

Kenneth Santos is a recovering addict and ex-con trying to clean up his act. Some mysterious informant has chosen him to act as the go-between with Agent Jefferson. It’s a precarious line Ken must walk because his life could be in danger if the cartels discover he’s working with Snap and the DEA.

Neither man expects to fall in love while playing such a dangerous game. Yet Snap always trusts his gut and it’s telling him that loving Ken could be the best decision he ever made.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of torture.

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This was an interesting book. I really enjoyed the first one and even though you see some of the same characters, this one was not quite as good for me. I did like Ken, but it felt like he was always putting himself down. Once he had started to receive some attention from Snap, I expected the self-deprecation to diminish. However, it didn’t. That kind of grated on my patience, but I get why Chase would continue to bring it up.

Snap was an interesting character. I really liked him – you could feel how honest he was. And, despite his reservations about Ken, Snap’s character was so good that he was able to see what Ken was trying to do.

The mystery continues – I was intrigued to know who was the mysterious whistle blower…I have my suspicions, but really want to see what is in store of the rest of the characters.  I hope that we get to see Dalton in an upcoming book, because even though I hate him – I want to see what his character is all about. Also, I would like to continue this series because I really am hoping that Chase will write Victor’s story – he is the most interesting character for me.

Even though this book was only lukewarm for me, I really did like the way that T.A. Chase developed her characters. It was not a rush, per say, you got to know them, their motivations and emotions. Each character stood on their own, while learning to lean on each other.



It was a good story of drug smuggling and the drug cartels.  The story had a nice twist on how Ken fit into the whole drug scene.

Ken and Snap were an interesting pair.  Ken was a recovering addict and Snap was the DEA agent.  I liked how Snap wasn’t worried if anyone found out about his feelings for Ken.  It was great how Snap was so trusting of Ken, even with his background.  Ken was awesome helping the agents.  Both of them seemed to be looking for a little more to happen in their relationship.

The story had a good ending to it.  I felt it was a good read and I enjoyed it, but it just didn’t have the “wow, it was amazing” feel for me.



When Ken walks into a DEA office with information he will only give to Agent D’Marcus “Snap” Jefferson, it becomes Snap’s responsibility to keep the former junkie safe.  But Ken’s identity is an enigma that proves to be almost as dangerous as his job as an informant.


This is the second book in the Delarosa Secrets series and while it should be read after Borderline, much of the backstory is filled in for new readers.  I love the way this story develops threads from the first book and leaves several things to be resolved in a future book.


I love the way the characters in these books are so multi-faceted.  The author hasn’t written good guys and bad guys; she writes complicated, deeply flawed human beings.  The attraction between Snap and Ken is instant and their chemistry is explosive.  The sex scenes are hot, but I’m still not sure I believe the straight-laced-boy-scout DEA officer would really risk so much for instant sexual gratification.


Anyone wanting a great suspense series with hot sex between men in uniform will enjoy Delarosa Secrets.



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