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Title: Give Chase
Author Name: Willa Okati
Publication Date: March 13, 2015


Declan’s always been careful to guard his heart, but Isaac’s catching up at last. Some things are worth fighting for, even when they’re running fast.

Dr. Isaac Paliades has never been much for letting sleeping dogs lie, and he’s been intrigued by his colleague Dr. Declan Day from the moment they met. Declan’s a hard man to get a read on, one minute cool as snow and the next minute hot-blooded enough to give Isaac a run for his money. Though they work together, play together—and occasionally sleep together—Isaac has yet to get a good look at the man Declan is behind the carefully constructed masks he shows to the world.

But when the pair of physicians rescue an abandoned baby discovered while they’re out for a jog, Isaac sees cracks start to appear in Declan’s façade. He’s taking the care of their foundling more seriously than anyone imagined he would, and bringing Isaac along for the ride. He’s asking for dominance in bed, and a deeper friendship at St. Hawk’s.

Isaac thinks he’s finally found the key to unlocking Declan’s guarded heart. But even when the walls come down, can Declan find the courage and will to let Isaac in?

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Declan and Isaac are an interesting pair. I really enjoyed their friendship – their banter was always entertaining.
This book hit close to my heart. Adoption is something I am passionate about and I love how it is portrayed in this story. I also appreciate the role that DHS plays. It was nice to see that despite the rocky way DHS is usually portrayed, in the end, their job had to be done and was done by someone who truly cared. Having worked in the system, I know how broken it can be – but this story gives hope for those who are somewhat left behind.
I really liked that Isaac was such a strong force for Declan. I do wish that we learned more about the sibling relationship – that it wasn’t just mentioned. I thought the author could have also given the reader more about how Declan was feeling – rather than Isaac’s observations on Declan’s inner struggle.
Overall, this was a sweet story – almost a family story, because Isaac and Declan are friends, colleagues, lovers and overall, each other’s family.

I have to confess to bias here.  I love doctors.  Something about the compassion, intelligence, focus, commitment. I love them so much, I married one.  Declan and Isaac are both great examples.  I’m not sure whether I prefer the damaged, brooding Declan or the masterful and compassionate Isaac (is it warm in here?) but the men are hot and their chemistry hotter.

Willa Okati writes elegantly.  She develops her characters slowly, revealing them bit by bit.  I like the way the hospital provides a backdrop but the relationship develops outside of it.

That being said, I’m back to my biggest problem with great m/m books – they aren’t long enough.  In this book, readers watch these two men start to trust and fall for each other over the course of two weeks before the author fast-forwards a whole year to the epilogue.  Please, could m/m writers start filling in the missing years?  In this book, I want to know how the relationship develops.  I want to hear about snags along the way and how they were sorted.  I want to learn about the meshing of friends and family and job demands…

Whew!  I digress.  This is a beautifully written short novel about two very hot men with great chemistry.  I should just be happy.




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