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Title: Dyre: By Moon’s Light
Author Name & Publisher: Rachel E. Bailey (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: January 19th 2016- 240 pages


In a modern world where Packs of werewolves exist side by side with a none-the-wiser humanity, what if one person stood between a lasting peace among the werewolf Packs and all-out civil war? A young female werewolf called Des is bound by a blood oath with the guarding of this person, the aging leader of all the Packs: the Dyre. But when the Dyre is murdered on Des’s watch, she’s sworn to protect the new Dyre, a young woman named Ruby. Des must deal with her emerging feelings for her stubborn new charge while they both try to uncover who’s behind the continuing murders of powerful werewolves. It’s stable employment—nice work, if you can get it…at least until the silver bullets start to fly.

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I found the first half of this book fascinating. It was exciting, gave explanations of all things incredible in such a way as to make them believable. The characters were likeable rogues and beautiful innocent women. Families were mysterious and fascinating making you want to know more about them.
It was a book that I could not put down I just wanted to continue the journey. Exciting new information was discovered adding to the tension of growing relationships. Suddenly a disaster occurred, unfortunately it was after this that I had my first disappointment in the novel. After the turmoil it seemed that it was just forgotten, there appeared a real lack of continuity, as if chapters had been omitted. The story line picked up again, tensions mounting once more only to reach the end of the novel. I realise that there will be a further novel but I do feel some kind of conclusion to this novel would have been  kinder to the reader, personally I felt a bit cheated.
This is a really well constructed novel, dramatic and absorbing, obviously  written by a talented author. I thoroughly recommend the book, but I would have preferred to know when I could find the sequel.
This book was by turns frustrating and enthralling, and pretty much ended with me irritatedly unsatisfied and wondering when the next book comes out. And all of this is because the book is well-written. I totally bonded with Des, even as the hints and subtle slow revealing of her history made me want to know more and know it now, please and thank you very much. Bailey does a very good job at letting just enough out at a time to surprise the reader and intrigue in turn. And just when you think you know everything that’s left to know, bam! another surprise twist. Which isn’t to say the characters are constantly changing. No, it’s just that you are slowly finding out the things that make them who they are, and sometimes those things are more surprising than you expect. I like most of the characters in the book. They each touch you for different reasons. I am frustrated by some of the actions these people take, and want to subtly, or not so subtly, urge them in the direction I think they should go. Which, while again frustrating for me, shows that Bailey is capable of creating characters and plots that engage the reader and make you care. I don’t usually care for cliffhanger endings, and this one is no different. I’m not good at waiting patiently to find out what happens next, so that’s my little growly point of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, it is another way of showing how good the author is in telling the story, because I do care what happens next and want to read it. I found the werewolf world here interesting and consistent, although the politics and backbiting aren’t usually things I look for in an entertaining read. It does seem to ratchet up the tension, though, and it’s what makes things so dangerous for Ruby. All in all, an entertaining, engaging read that those who love paranormal worlds will enjoy, and leave them all waiting for the next book in the series.
Amy P.


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Rachel E. Bailey was born and raised in New York City and currently lives in New York State’s gorgeous Hudson Valley. Rachel has been a freelance everything, from copywriter to article writer. She’s also worked in various retail and office jobs that have tried to, but haven’t quite, sucked the soul out of her.
She’s earned a bachelor of fine arts in advertising, with a focus on copywriting, and is in the process of earning a second bachelor’s in English, with a minor in creative writing. She’s been published in Words 57, The Finger, The Stonesthrow Review, on Yahoo!Voices, and Amative Magazine, 2014 Anthology, and has had two short plays—The Big Opening and Messenger—performed for stage and screen, respectively. She also won the 2015 T.M.I.dol story-slam with her monologue, The City.


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