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Title: Bunny Finds a Friend
Author Name & Publisher: Hazel Yeats (Yiva Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: January 9, 2016 – 176 pgs


It’s close to Christmas in Amsterdam, and Cara Jong isn’t having the best of days. Her girlfriend has left her, and her new job isn’t nearly as glamorous as she hoped it would be. A run-in with Jude Donovan, who’s playing Santa Claus in a department store, does little to lift her spirits, even though there’s clearly an appealing woman hidden beneath Santa’s beard.
When Cara finds out that Jude is actually a well-known author of children’s books, she’s intrigued and decides to attend Jude’s reading. A bizarre misunderstanding breaks the ice between them, and they share a heated kiss that same night.
As the weeks go by, they begin to fall in love and hope to leave past experiences behind. But Cara doesn’t trust her luck in love and soon breaks things off, leaving Jude baffled and broken-hearted.
Can Cara’s meddling sisters and a hilarious road trip convince Cara to go after her happily-ever-after with the writer?

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This is a wonderfully told romance. It is full of passion and deep emotions with lots of tenderness and understanding. I particularly enjoyed the turmoil and fear shown by both the leading women when it came to commitment. There relationship was related with great compassion and sensitivity. I liked the way the author gave very detailed descriptions of their feeling and their uncertainties. There relationship was told in a very comprehensive way and I thought this was a great strength of the novel.
Along side both turmoil and passion there was also lots of humour. Cara’s sisters were a delight. Their banter and cajoling of Cara was a real pleasure to read and brought lots of depth to this refreshing novel.
My only criticism would be the way we were transported to eighteen months on in their relationship, I would have liked much more detail in how they arrived to this point. The rest of the book was full of extensive explanations but I found it rather disappointing that this part of their relationship was missing.
However I did enjoy this book and found it both appealing and at times thought provoking. Definitely a novel worth reading.
Cara meets Jude when she is dressed as Santa in a department store and can’t seem to get her out of her mind. Through one of her sisters she finds out that Jude is a famous children’s author and sets out to meet her again. It seems that Jude was a bit smitten too and they go out for a walk in Amsterdam and get to know one another with a steamy kiss. That’s about as steamy as it gets though as everything else is implied not spelled out.
I love the descriptions of Amsterdam and the magical beauty of it at night. It made me want to visit. The love story between the two women is a bit strained at times but works out nevertheless. The story of them as individuals and their struggles to be ready for this relationship to flourish was well done. The additional characters of Cara’s sisters were very interesting. They had back stories too and some of these stories were explored tenderly. They were integral to the story and we found out a lot about Cara through her meetings with them.
I enjoyed this book as a light romantic read.
Kitty Kat


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Hazel Yeats resides in the Netherlands, the country of flat polders, green pastures, and lots of water. She knew from an early age that she wanted to write, but it wasn’t until decades later that she finally wrote a novel. Once she had, there was no going back—she was hooked.
When she’s not slaving away at her day job, she’s cycling, sipping cappuccinos, or getting her hands dirty by growing her own veggies. And she sings, in a very unambitious choir. You wouldn’t peg her for a soprano, but she is.


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