TWO 4 Star Review for Love on the Red Rocks by Lisa Moreau #FF #Romance


Title: Love on the Red Rocks
Author Name & Publisher: Lisa Moreau (Bold Stroke Books)
Publication Date & Length: February 10, 2016 – 264 pgs


Lesbian Romance — Throw a handful of women together at a lesbian resort and things can get complicated.

Malley plans to profess her secret love for Lizzie, her best friend. Lizzie is trying to get away from her ex, who incidentally tracks her down. Jessie, Malley’s dangerously sexy next-door neighbor, shows up unexpectedly. Circumstances throw Malley and Jessie together, disrupting Malley’s plans to be with Lizzie. Toss in forbidden desires, an unexpected love, and Malley soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle.

Amidst the spiritual red rocks of Sedona, Malley embarks upon an unexpected journey, causing her to question her desires and face her greatest fears. Will Malley choose to play it safe in life and love or will she shatter her comfort zone and take a chance on true happiness?

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This book drew me in more than I thought it would. Truthfully, from the initial description I had, I expected the story to be one of those that follows a few storylines at a lesbian resort, and I’m glad that wasn’t the case. The story was sweet and it kept me turning pages. I don’t usually like triangles, because usually the author ends up using some cliched device to move the story along. Mally seems to not know exactly what it is that she wants, which is always difficult for me to read in a triangle story. Especially when I, as the reader, can see so clearly what she can’t. Jessie and Lizzie are both nice, sweet women, but if someone stirs you like no one else has before, I can’t see turning that down for something that isn’t even a sure thing. What I did like, was that once something deep happened with one person, Mally didn’t string things along, hemming and hawing about who she wanted. It didn’t erase the obstacle to them being together though. And again, even though I’ve never had a traumatic loss like Mally, I don’t understand not grabbing on to love with both hands and fighting to keep it. In the end, circumstances arrange to allow Mally to realize that she can’t hold back out of fear of what might happen. It was a good resolution. I’d definitely recommend this book to anybody who wants an enjoyable romance to take them away from the world for a taste of love.

Amy P.


Malley heads off on a lesbian only retreat with her best friend Lizzie in the hope that they’ll be lovers by the end of it. When rooms are allocated she finds herself sharing with her neighbour from LA Jessie and she
Is not happy about it. She is hugely attracted to Jessie but won’t let herself go there. Issues from her past make that relationship a no-no.
I really enjoyed this book and see myself looking out for this author in the future . Her descriptions of Arizona are wonderful and made me feel I was there. The retreat sounded such fun and I loved the myriad of characters she imagined. Mallet was so regimented at first, afraid to take a chance and heading in the wrong direction of she wanted to be happy. Jessie was my favourite character though. She was amazingly hot, seemingly tough and capable but as we see vulnerable and so in love.
This was a lovely read, immersive and beautiful. Thoroughly recommended!

Kitty Kat


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Lisa has been writing stories ever since she could hold a crayon and Big Chief tablet. She loves creating characters so real that she finds it sad they don’t actually exist. When she isn’t writing on her laptop or with a crayon (old habits die hard), her absolute favorite pastime is perusing bookstores―so much so that they should really start charging her rent. A self-professed new age nut, Lisa meditates daily in a haze of incense to stay centered.

Lisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/Journalism from Midwestern State University, TX and has taken an indefinitely large number of creative writing courses at Santa Monica College, CA. Lisa lives in Los Angeles for the ocean, mountains, totally awesome weather, and only occasionally thinks about moving when she feels an earthquake tremble.

Love on the Red Rocks is Lisa’s first novel. She’s currently working on the manuscript for her second book, which will be published January 2017.


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