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CoverTitle: Candy Man (Candy Man #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Amy Lane (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 3, 2014 – 136 pgs


Adam Macias has been thrown a few curve balls in his life, but losing his VA grant because his car broke down and he missed a class was the one that struck him out. One relative away from homelessness, he’s taking the bus to Sacramento, where his cousin has offered a house-sitting job and a new start. He has one goal, and that’s to get his life back on track. Friends, pets, lovers? Need not apply.

Finn Stewart takes one look at Adam as he’s applying to Candy Heaven and decides he’s much too fascinating to leave alone. Finn is bright and shiny—and has never been hurt. Adam is wary of his attention from the very beginning—Finn is dangerous to every sort of peace Adam is forging, and Adam may just be too damaged to let him in at all.

But Finn is tenacious, and Adam’s new boss, Darrin, doesn’t take bullshit for an answer. Adam is going to have to ask himself which is harder—letting Finn in or living without him? With the holidays approaching it seems like an easy question, but Adam knows from experience that life is seldom simple, and the world seldom cooperates with hope, faith, or the plans of cats and men.

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This is a fun and sweet story that really lights up your heart. With a little Pixy Stix magic you meet Adam who really pulls your heartstrings. He is a little down on luck when life has slapped him down one too many times at the age of 27. When he stumbles into Candy Heaven and into a much needed job you get to meet Darrin. A gay Magical Willy Wonka who is a little like a fairy god father to those who work for him. (You kinda wish he was yours as well he is just that good) He sees the need in Adam and since the Pixy Stix never lies welcomes Adam into the fold and pushes him in the direction of Finn. Finn is 24, fun loving and carefree. He’s never had life stomp on his heart and he is just what Adam needs to learn that alone isn’t always better. You just want a Finn of your own to hug and squeeze!

 Adam struggles to accept the friendship and care that Finn so easily wants to give to him. Finn however is persistent and you just love him for it! But Adam does have real issues that he needs to deal with and with the friendship he finds in his co-workers, Darrin and Finn he slowly gets his life back on track after a few hurtles. Finn and Adam have a very evident connection and some rather steamy moments along the way. The secondary characters in this book make me excited for more stories about the family who work at Candy Heaven and maybe the Magical Willy Wonka Darrin who is their ring leader. From the first chapter I was caught up and couldn’t put this book down. I plan to read the other stories in this series

Jessica W.



This was definitely one of the lower angst books I’ve listened to by
Amy Lane. Normally I’m not a big fan of sweet romances, but she made
this one work.

This was a slow starting story to me as we learned what was going on
and how it all started at the candy store, but once it got going I was
much more interested in it as a whole.

Can’t say it was my favorite Amy Lane book, but it certainly wasn’t
bad either. Finn was the saving grace of this book for me. His light
was just spectacular. He was determined to help Adam deal with his
past hurts and it was just sweet and nice and made the whole story
come together.

While i loved the actual story itself, I have to say that I felt like
the narration actually took away from it. It was a bit over the top
for me. It felt too forced at times when it didn’t feel like that’s
what was needed in a particular scene.



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Amy Lane dodges an EDJ, mothers four children, and writes the occasional book. She, her brood, and her beloved mate, Mack, live in a crumbling mortgage in Citrus Heights, California, which is riddled with spiders, cats, and more than its share of fancy and weirdness. Feel free to visit her at, where she will ride the buzz of receiving your e-mail until her head swells and she can no longer leave the house.

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