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Title:  Moonstruck (Lucky Moon #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Piper Vaughn & M.J. O’Shea (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 1, 2016 – 200 pgs


Surya Patel is the drummer for the massively popular band, Moonlight. When his label suggests a collaboration with Luck, the band Moonlight toured with the year before, he should be all for it. Except for one thing—he slept with Luck’s manager during the tour, and then bolted in the dead of night. He’s regretted it ever since, but he knows being around Emmanuel will only lead to disaster. Unfortunately for Surya, the person the label sends to sweet talk him into joining the collaboration is none other than Em himself.

Emmanuel Cortez has spent months trying to forget about the hottest night of his life—the night he slept with Surya. It’s been a year, but not even the death of his beloved grandmother and the subsequent drama with his family could keep the memories away. Now it’s time to be professional. His job is to convince Surya to collaborate with Luck, nothing more, but a day spent together leads to yet another passionate night. This time Em is the one to leave.

But unexpectedly Surya has a change of heart. He isn’t satisfied with just one night anymore. He wants forever.

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I read this book without reading the previous books in the series. I think I will have to go back and read the other books because I liked the other characters and am curious about them. I enjoyed this book, I thought Em and Sur were great together. The back and forth with the feelings and not telling each other for so long drove me nuts but I get it and it all worked out in the end. The stuff with Em’s family seemed like filler at times and probably could have been left out. There was some angst and drama but it was a good book and I plan to go back and read the others in the series.



I enjoyed this story. While it didn’t quite pack the emotional punch of the first two books in the series, I was engaged and involved from the start.

Surya is a great character. He’s a talented musician, a good friend and for American authors, a pretty believable Englishman. He feels a little old to allow himself to be dictated to by his parents but the authors develop his British-Indian cultural background well, creating honest and believable conflict between Surya and his family.

Emmanuel was never as fully developed. When the angst settles, I like him as a partner for Surya but I never felt like I really knew him. His family drama is told to readers but we never get to see him interact with his family. Oddly, we also see very little of him as a manager in this book. The attraction between partners in the first two books was incredibly powerful, but without fully developing Em’s character, I didn’t have the same reaction to these two.

I also felt like I needed more of Em and Surya’s backstory to fully believe in their connection. I actually requested the previous books in the series after reading this one, certain that the earlier encounter the authors kept referencing must have been explained in a previous story. It isn’t. Em and Surya are peripheral characters until Moonstruck.

So – I liked this without loving it. Piper Vaughn and MJ O’Shae are an amazing writing team and while this might not be a favourite, it is a high-angst rockstar romance well worth reading.



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Piper Vaughn

Piper Vaughn wrote her first love story at eleven and never looked back. Since then, she’s known that writing in some form was exactly what she wanted to do. A reader at the core, Piper loves nothing more than getting lost in a great book—fantasy, young adult, romance, she loves them all (and has a two thousand book library to prove it!). She grew up in Chicago, in an ethnically diverse neighborhood, and loves to put faces and characters of every ethnicity in her stories, so her fictional worlds are as colorful as the real one. Above all, she believes that everyone needs a little true love in their life…even if it’s only in a book.

M.J. O’Shea

M.J. O’Shea has been writing romance since algebra class in sixth grade (when most of her stories starred her and Leonardo DiCaprio). When she’s not writing, she loves listening to nearly all types of music, painting, reading great authors, and on those elusive sunny days in the Pacific Northwest, she loves driving on the freeway with her windows rolled down and her stereo on high.


Piper Vaughn
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M.J. O’Shea
Author’s Website
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