TWO 4 and 4.5 Stars for Sight Lines by Michelle DiCeglio #Crime #FF


Title: Sight Lines
Author Name & Publisher: Michelle DiCeglio (Ellora’s Cave Publishing LLC)
Publication Date & Length: November 6, 2015 – 138 pgs


While investigating a serial killer in her small town, Detective Lacey Mills meets Alison Rhodes, a potential witness to one of the crimes. But as the murders get more intense, so do Detective Mills’ feelings for Alison—and her suspicions that Ali may be more than just a witness.

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Lacey Mills is a dedicated police detective who lives for her work. After losing her girlfriend Tara two years previously, she has steered clear of any romantic involvement.
Whilst investigating a series of murders of young women in Vantage Woods, she meets Ali, a beautiful web designer and a witness on the periphery of the case. Despite misgivings Lacey allows herself to become involved with Ali.
The case under investigation was engaging as was the developing relationship between the two women. Lacey finds herself in danger more than once and revelations about the case and about Ali make her re-evaluate her life. This was all well written and kept me attention. I enjoyed the book and could see the characters develop more and series come out of it.
Kitty Kat

FourandHalfStarsThis book is a bit outside my usual reading genre but I decided to give it a chance anyway. I must say I wasn’t disappointed! The characters were well developed, the plot felt thought through and solid and the twists I was run through while reading were amazing! Great dialog, beautiful description and plenty of shocking moments made this a page turner and kept me on the edge of my seat.


I definitely applaud the author for the suspense brought on awaiting the reveal of Ali’s secret, as well as the terror I felt thinking Lacey might be right in her own assumption! Murder, intrigue, lies, secrets, romance and a serial killer… What more can you ask for? Well written and formatted as well as being beautifully plotted with an amazing feel a flow I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends!



I liked this book. However, as with most mysteries, I felt clueless and lost. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one. The main character seems to be going around in circles just like me. I actually liked that a little, as it made me feel like I wasn’t the only slow person on the case. The case did give me a couple of head-scratching moments though. First, if it’s been two years and 6 murders, would the police department not consider asking for help from the FBI? The only outside help they asked for was a profile of a serial killer that came back extremely vague.

Second, I’m not sure how one person, working alone, put together all the evidence that police never picked up on. I can understand some people not wanting to talk to the police, but I’m not sure I believe those people would talk to someone else who’s asking the same questions. Third, I thought Lacey’s reaction to finding out about Ali was extreme. I suppose it’s understandable after how much stress Lacey was under, but she wouldn’t even listen to Ali when she tried to explain. It’s difficult to understand shutting her out completely.

All in all, the book was interesting, and flowed really well, making it easy to read. And it kept my interest. I’d have no hesitation recommending this book to others.



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