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Title: Witches & Wolves
Author Name & Publisher: Kelly D. Smith (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: September 23, 2015 — 37 pages


Life in the woods is usually fairly quiet, which suits Tory perfectly. She can focus on her witchcraft without the noise of the city or nosy neighbors, and the only visitor she gets is her ex-boyfriend—until late one night when she opens the door to find an unfamiliar wolf who promptly curls up in Tory’s bed and falls fast asleep.

Long used to wolves, Tory lets her be, and has no complaints at all when the morning reveals the wolf to be a beautiful woman. New to being a wolf, out in the woods to learn control and get more comfortable with her new life, Gee eagerly accepts when Tory offers to help her—and she doesn’t seem opposed to any other offers Tory might make.

But not everyone approves of werewolves, and Gee isn’t the only new visitor to the woods…

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I was really looking forward to this story, and sadly, I was disappointed. There was an intriguing plotline and backstory and history to the world being created, but the plot didn’t finish. We’re left mid-story in terms of plot.


Secondly, this was very much an instalove story, which I’m not a fan of. In the span of a few days, Gee and Tory are lovers and basically ready to move in with each other, which does not seem plausible to me. In order for it to be plausible there would have needed far more focus on romance and emotions than on plot and action, especially for a short story.


The writing for this story is a bit stilted. It’s in first person, which is not easy to write in, and the author takes some time before getting into the swing of things. However, the stiltedness is not lost throughout the piece at all. The descriptions are lacking in sensation. For such a beautiful world that is the outdoors, there’s a severe lack of focus on what things look like and rather only on walking and eating.


There are also minor issues with continuity. Things such as bullets hitting door and then turning to ash a page later when they hit the “outer/magical” walls of the house. It would stand to reason this would also happen on the door. Or a comment by Tory that she hadn’t seen Jake as a wolf in some time when only two chapters prior we had seen him as a wolf when he brought rabbits for dinner.


I probably would have enjoyed this piece far more if the plot had finished and wrapped up. Since there is no sequel to this and no continuation, it’s disappointing to read an incomplete story.




A short novel that I found entertaining and quite convivial. It’s a modern day shape shifter short novel. I did feel the tale was somewhat naïve and lacking real depth. It was sweet and pleasantly idealistic but short on description and excitement.
I felt the tale was almost an outline for a novel, the imagination was there unfortunately there was a shortfall in intensity.
I did enjoy reading the novel and if you are looking for a romantic, light read then this book definitely  accomplishes this.


My eyes popped open, and I took a deep breath, trying to get my heartbeat to slow down. Quietly I pushed my blankets aside; my toes hit the floor as my hand reached for the gun.

I padded softly to the door, the gun raised in front of me with one hand. The other hand reached out and grasped the handle of my door.

My heart pounded in my ears as I turned the knob, my hands already sweaty as I clicked the safety off the gun. The door creaked open.

In front of me stood a big, black wolf, its lips curled up into a snarl. Not quite a wolf. Even though I was human, I could still make out the difference between a werewolf and a wolf. The snouts tended to be different, as well as the way the creatures reacted to touch.

I swallowed, keeping eye contact with the wolf.

Normally I wouldn’t challenge a wolf for dominance, but considering this was my house, I was not going to let the wolf win. It took thirty unblinking seconds before the wolf’s eyes shifted away from mine, then the wolf bowed its head and lay down in front of me. I bent down and touched the top of her head. She looked up at me without a sound.

My eye flicked away from the wolf for a second. The sun was in the process of coming up still. It must be close to six, I thought, looking back down at the wolf. Blood matted the fur. Leaving her out there would be no good. The poor girl looked like she was about to fall asleep.

I stepped aside to allow the wolf into my house. It stood, still avoiding eye contact with me, and made its way into the small house.

I closed the door softly and motioned for the wolf to get on the bed. It obliged, and I watched as it—she—pawed the blankets into a nest, circled four times, and lay down. Once the wolf was breathing deeply, I put my gun down and closed the distance between us.

Already the fur was beginning to shrink. I covered her with a blanket and turned away. I should make lots of breakfast, I thought as I headed for the kitchen.

My kitchen was small, just like my entire house, but it worked well for one person. I used my grill for most of the cooking and the microwave or barbeque worked for everything else. I never could get the hang of using the woodstove that came with the place. I grabbed eggs from the fridge and some sausages. I set them to the side as I mixed up some pancake batter.


I heard her gasp as she bolted into a sitting position. She looked down at the bed, her hand touching the blankets as she examined it. Her jaw hung open.

She had short black hair, which I already knew by her coat when she was in wolf form, and large green eyes. Her skin was porcelain, her body petite. I resisted the urge to stare at her. Instead, I bowed my head and closed my eyes.


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My name is Deanna, but I go by Kitty or my pen name, Kelly D.Smith.
I’m an 19 year old erotica/romance, paranormal, and hair/beauty writer.
The past year has been a whirlwind for me and I am loving it! I live in a small town with my fiance, my parents and our pets, though I get lots of alone time to focus on my writing.

5 words to sum me up: Taurus, emotional at points, motivated, kind, (normally) positive

Most of my blog has been aimed at helping writers and expressing my views on writing/the writing life.
I try to make each and every post as short as I can, for those of us who are reading on the go/don’t have much time or attention on their hands.


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