TWO 3 Stars for No Place Like Somewhere Else by Caesar J.M. Kauftheil #FF #Bisexual @LT3Press

CoverTitle: no Place Like Somewhere Else
Author Name & Publisher: Caesar J.M. Kauftheil (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: June 15, 2016


Josie has a passion for running away—or, as her girlfriend Marjorie would say, a fear of commitment. She runs away from home, from making decisions, and most recently, from having a serious discussion about her crumbling relationship.

Upon discovering a pair of tennis shoes outside a Chinese restaurant, Josie feels a sense of lightness on her feet, but each time she wears them, she finds herself running into trouble—in the form of a strange man named Jay, who might just be what she needs to break her own bad habits.

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I must admit this felt more like an epic poem than a short story. It was fun, had good banter but left me feeling that I still was waiting for something to happen.
It felt more like a long conversation, an introduction a good opening without a middle or an end.
Definitely different, perhaps a good book to read while  sitting drinking a good coffee on a sunny day outside a vegetarian cafe in Amsterdam.
I have to admit that I didn’t see the point to this story. Josie, our protagonist, is in a failing relationship with her girlfriend, and rather than discuss anything about what is going on between them, Josie is ignoring any problems or requests for discussion. She runs away from any confrontation whatsoever. Running away from the latest fight, she finds a newish pair of tennis shoes on the sidewalk and decides that they’re perfect for her. This is an obvious way to show that she’s running headlong away from her life, but she doesn’t seem to be running to anything. Every time she puts the shoes on, she runs into this new person, a man named Jay. And after they finally meet and get to know each other, one might think that Josie would make some decisions one way or the other about her relationship with Marjorie. She doesn’t. She continues on drifting through her life with less and less interaction between the two women, until Marjorie finally takes action, albeit based in a misconception, that allows Josie the freedom to finally leave without blame. My problem with this is that Josie was already gone. She had left the relationship long before she even found the shoes, and after the shoes appeared, she got further and further away from any chance of reconciliation or honest communication. The introduction of Jay into the narrative is a final nail on the coffin. If we’re supposed to sympathize or empathize with Josie, I fail to see a reason to. I simply feel she’s immature and flighty, and she doesn’t mature or grow an inch before the end of this story.


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