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Title: Just a Sketch
Author Name & Publisher: A.J. Marcus (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 4, 2015 – 200 pgs


Leo Caldwell’s life can be summed up in two words: ho hum. His job at a tech-support call center offers little in the way of excitement and outside of spending time with his two best friends, Felix and Julie, his social life is nonexistent. When Felix decides it’s time for the three of them to try something new to spice things up, they go all out… and take a drawing class at the local library.

But that’s when everything changes. Leo meets Aud Sorenson, owner of Bright Thoughts Gallery and resident art teacher at the library. When Aud gets to know Leo and his friends, he feels an instant connection with the cute and geeky Leo and asks him to pose for a sketch.

As sparks fly between them, Aud discovers he has a stalker who’s willing to do anything he can to make sure Aud is his and his alone. Aud and Leo hope their blossoming feelings will be enough to see them through the chaos that erupts around them.

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Leo has a job in tech- support and rarely goes out unless it is with his two close friends.
Aud is a artist who owns his own art gallery. These two men meet at a art class Aud is teaching after one of Leo’s friends decides it would be good for them to get out and try new things.

While I did like the authors pretense of this story I have to be honest and say I was really not a huge fan of these characters or the drama in this story sadly. I really do not know why but for some reason I just did like these two men together. I don’t really know if it was the way Leo treats Aud or the way they really do not spend that much time together between all the bad things that are happening to them both but for some reason these two men just did not fit to me.

Then there was the drama which unfortunately was a little to much after awhile.

So I am sad to say this book was just not for me…



This was a different type of story for me.  While I enjoyed the conflict and the dialogue to a point, I did find that the in between where people should have been able to infer between the lines, there really wasn’t anything to read.  It was almost empty.
Aud is a successful art dealer, who, despite his success, finds himself slightly lonely.  He tries to keep himself busy with his work and really loves promoting others’ art.  I felt that he wasn’t a super deep character, but he was enjoyable.  I wish that he had more of a backbone when it came to the conflict in the story, as he seemed to just take what was being done to him. There was no fire in his character.
Then you have Leo, who, despite being in a dead end job, doesn’t really take the steps to rectify the situation.  Rather, he just seems content to hate his job.  Then, after meeting Aud, while his social life picks up, you don’t really get a very well rounded character.
I was much more interested in the secondary friend of Leo, Felix.  I really liked Felix and his story – I would be very interested if he had a book himself, as I think he was much more engaging.
Overall, this was just OK.


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A.J. Marcus grew up in Texas. He’s always had a fascination with cowboys, comic books and the great outdoors. He started writing in high school and at times spent more time writing than he did reading, and he’s a voracious reader. Maybe it was growing up in Texas, but his love of rugged men showed up even before he realized what was going on. He likes his men manly, hard, tough and caring, men with hearts, and other parts, as big as Texas.

A.J. currently lives near Colorado Springs, Colorado with his loving partner and several horses. The men here are still men.


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