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Title: Going the Greatest Distance
Author Name & Publisher: Angel Propps (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: Nov 23, 2015 – 34 pages


Lisa’s workaholic personality and the stress of her job as an editor at a large publishing company drove a wedge between her and her longtime lover and ended their relationship. Just as her lover agrees to sit down and try to work things out Lisa is offered the biggest opportunity of her entire career: the chance to talk to Clair St. Sabre, a bestselling writer who shut herself away on a deserted island with a reputation for being haunted.

Lisa arrives at the island determined to talk to Clair, win her confidence, and bring a new novel back to the city with her, and all in time to make her date. But Clair has her own reasons for inviting someone out to her secluded and eerie haven, including her lover Moira, who died over a hundred years before.

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I will say that I really enjoyed this story. It was engaging, pulling me in to the lives of the characters and making me care about them. However, there were also a couple things I had a problem with. The biggest thing is that the story was too big for the length it was written in. To say it another way, this seemed like a longer story that was squished into a smaller word count. The problem with this is two-fold. One, the characters don’t seem like they get developed as fully as they could be. And two, there is a lot of tell in this story that should have been show. I liked the concept, I just feel that the author didn’t write the story it had the potential to be.



This book I found a little perplexing. The introduction to the main character and the mystery surrounding the woman she was about to meet really enthralled me. The setting of the mystery was described beautifully. However I had difficulty in relating to the main crux of the tale. Up to this point I was intrigued and the plot had unfolded really well, then everything, to me, became rushed and the story was over.
I felt this could have been a brilliant outline to a complete novel, as it was I just felt it finished just as it had just begun.
The ending was very apt and moving. So I enjoyed the middle and the end and was just a little disappointed and confused re  the middle. Obviously a talented author and I do look forward to reading more of her work, just this novel left me unfulfilled.


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Angel Propps is a very busy freelance writer, and an author of YA novels and romance under several different names. She pens horror and erotica when the mood (infrequently) strikes her.

Angel has recently undergone some life altering changes in her thinking and ideas, which promises to make for very good writing!


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