TWO 3.5 Stars for I Like It Hard by Francis James Franklin #Bisexual #Aro @LT3Press

CoverTitle: I Like It Hard
Author Name & Publisher: Francis James Franklin (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 8, 2016 – 52 pgs


After her brother Dan loses in the final of the XXX-rated Reality TV show I Like It Hard, Helen Arnold finds new purpose in life: enter the show herself—and win.

But no amount of training, or advice from Dan and his lovers, can fully prepare her for naked interviews, two weeks in a porn-studio villa, and weeks of nerve-wracking live sex show—all while dealing with the capricious nature of the judges, who wield absolute power over the show and its contestants.

Being both bisexual and aromantic, Helen is used to dealing with people who don’t like or approve of her—and she’s never been the type to back down when life gets hard.

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This was an interesting concept, not only the show format, but the personality of our protagonist, Helen. It’s made very clear how different she is, not only because she’s bisexual, but also because she’s aromantic. Both are things that are very difficult for “normal” people to understand, and because most people don’t, or won’t, even try, Helen becomes very lonely. I think she enters the “I Like It Hard” contest as a way to validate herself. She’s totally focused on winning the contest, not so much on what happens after. I think her speech at the end is what gives her the validation she was looking for. The problem I had was that all the detail about the show and the sex she had to have was in the first part of the story, the part about her two week training period before she even got to the live show portion of the contest. After we move to the show, it seems like everything is rushed, as far as the narration goes. We don’t really get much of an idea about the live shows Helen does, or the training that goes into them. Also the final, where we find out who wins feels almost anti-climactic. I would have liked a more developed ending. Overall, the story was interesting, and I liked Franklin’s style of writing.

Amy P.


I have to say that there were some really good parts to this story and some that left me wanting. The fact that the main character is aromatic is fun and different from so many books. However, I felt like the show aspects were rushed and not fully developed.
We get brief glimpses into relationships that are developing with the main character, but never get enough to really connect. The show is rushed and all the different situations that Helen is put into are brief except for one or two of them. I think if we would’ve gotten a more in depth description of the live shows and the voting process it would’ve really made the story feel more complete.
The training Helen does before the show also seemed like an after thought. It was all briefly mentioned except the one scene where she does elaborate on what the training was like when there was two cameras on her while she was doing a scene. I think if the reader had been given more on this it would’ve helped them connect more with just how much she’d done to prepare for her time on the show.
I will say that the idea behind it was interesting and I think it could be developed into a series with different contestants and more development on the judges and the show and all that happens with the winners after the show. At a minimum, it was a interesting, quick little read though.
I enjoyed it but felt like I never fully connected to anyone in the story so that really took away from it in my mind.


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Francis has a beautiful wife and daughter. He loves reading, usually sci-fi and fantasy, and is occasionally compelled to write.

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