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Title: Veiled Loyalties (Bissonet & Cruz Investigations #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Scotty Cade (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 2, 2015 – 154 pgs


Halloween is Beau Bissonet’s favorite holiday, from carving pumpkins to decorating his yard to donning a costume and scaring the neighborhood kids. But this year his Halloween is about to take a different turn, one that will challenge his skills as a detective and his commitment to his partner in work and love.

A year since Beau and Tollison solved The Royal Street Heist, found love, and formed Bissonet & Cruz Investigations, they are thriving personally and professionally. That is until Tollison’s ex, Bastien Andros, shows up out of the blue. Naturally, Beau’s suspicious, but two days after Bastien’s arrival, he goes missing, and Tollison worries his past may catch up to him.

A mysterious package makes clear who has Bastien and what’s at stake. With both Bastien and Beau’s lives now at risk, Tollison has only one option: travel to Zurich, Switzerland, secure and deliver the ransom, keep both men safe, and stay true to himself at the same time.

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This book was a really good addition to this series! I can’t tell you how happy I was to get to read more about Beau and Tollison.
In this book Beau and Tollison have opened Bissonet and Cruz Private Investigators. It is also almost Halloween which is Beau’s favorite holiday. Well Tollison’s Ex decides to come and visit which causes trust issues with Beau to be brought to light and brings someone bad from Tollison’s past.
So with this book you get a kidnapping and all four men Beau, Tollison, Bruce and Auggie must work together to try and rescue Bastien Tollison’s EX.
This book had so much action I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading this book. Then there was getting to see more of Beau and Tollison plus the other characters from the first book.
Now I am really interested to see more of Bruce and Bastien to see where that goes.
With this book you will get action, angst and so much steam between these two men!

All together I really loved this book!
I would recommend this series!



I clearly don’t know what to say. It is clear to me that Scotty Cade has the gift to bring mystery and love to a book. The writing was flawless and the story well thought out. The characters were just absolutely amazing and the story was one I just could not put down. I love the art world and love how Scotty Cade brings it into this book. I love mystery types of romance and we certainly have that here. Great job Scotty!!



Another homerun for Scotty Cade. I was a bit worried going into this book because I was afraid the heat and sexual tension that we got in book one would be gone and there for lacking that little something extra… but I was SO wrong. This book was simply amazing.
We finally get to see Cruz do what he knows so well when he is put into a position where he has no other choice… and we get to see how Beau (and their friends) handle it as well. But there is still incredible heat and love between our men that only adds to this crazy plot.
I really am loving the way Scotty Cade bring mystery/thriller into the normal romance books I love to read.


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This is where you really get to know Scotty Cade, the person.  There’s probably more information here than you’ll ever want to know, but here goes:

I started my life in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, better known as the Big Easy and was raised along with my two sisters in a very small neighborhood along the mighty Mississippi River.  I was undeniably a momma’s boy and enjoyed a lot of alone time with my stay-at-home mother before my younger sister was born, while my older sister was at school and my Dad was at work.  I spent fun days doing chores around the house riding on the back of her vacuum cleaner singing Etta James songs. When the chores were done, we settled down for story time. I truly believe thats when my love of reading and eventually writing was born. But all that came to a horrible end when my baby sister was born and I no longer had Mom all to myself. Then another horrible incident almost ruined my life, my sixth birthday and the first grade. Oh Boy, did I hate going to school. I went, but I went kicking and screaming literally every morning until I was seven, my poor mother. Having to share my mother with my newborn sister and having to attend school left us very little time together and I truly felt deserted, but I really showed her, I jumped ship into my Father’s world. I was the only boy, so it was the logical next step. Happy again to be the center of someone’s world, I soaked it up everyday.

My father raised quarter horses as a hobby and some of my fondest memories surround that time in my life. When we were older, on weekends the entire family would pack up the horses and head to local horse shows where, my father, my younger sister and I would compete in barrel racing and cutting. But my most cherished memories are of my father and me taking long horseback rides along the levies of the river enjoying sandwiches and snacks prepared by my mother. We spent long summer days of riding and jabbering about this or that or just enjoying a comfortable silence. It wasn’t really the conversation or the silence that was important to me, but the interest he took in my life that forty years later, still makes my heart swell. After a brief marriage, one of those special moments is where I found the nerve to come out to my Father, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.  He did much better that I did and in the end wanted only my happiness. He’s been nothing but supportive and non-judgmental of my life and I will remember that as long as I live.  Unfortunately, the lights in my life got a little dimmer when my loving mother died eight years ago of colon cancer and dimmed yet again when my Father passed away this last year.

Okay, enough of the sappiness. I attended Louisiana State University, majoring in Marketing, but unfortunately never graduated. I was lucky enough to be offered a job to manage a very large well established furniture store in my hometown and went for it. I stayed with the company for five years and started making my way up the corporate ladder. I joined a high-tech company in New Orleans, and was transferred to Atlanta, GA where I met the love of my life.  Kell and I have been together going on sixteen years now and we’re married in August of 2012.

I’ve worked for a total of six companies throughout my twenty-five year career and ended up as the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Public Relations for a very large company based in Atlanta, GA. Throughout my career I focused my writing capabilities on Marketing materials, Annual Reports, Press Releases, radio scripts, broadcast media, and the likes, but always had novels running around wild in my head.  Kell and I both gave up the corporate rat race and bought a small hotel and restaurant on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Can you imagine two southern boys ending up in New England? I should think not, boy what a culture shock.  But after ten years, we’ve managed to find our way and are healthy and happy in our environment. About three years into our venture, we hit burn-out and hired a general manager to run our business while we took a year off.  That is when I started my first Novel, Final Encore and ten novels later, the rest his history. After that first year off, Kell and I enjoyed our freedom so much that we purchased a forty-two motor yacht called “One Mo Time,” which is now where most of my writing is done.  We travel the waters of New England all summer long with our Shetland Sheepdog, Mavis and in October we cruise down south for the winter.

The ideas for books keep coming and I have so much in my head that wants to come out, but my fingers are just not fast enough to get it all down.  So I dance the dance between my fingers and brain on a daily basis and can only hope for the best. Being from the south and a lover of commitment and fidelity, most of my characters find their way to long healthy relationships, however long it takes them to get there.  I believe that in the end, the boy should always get the boy.  After all I got mine.

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