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Title: The Fifth Gospel
Author Name & Publisher: Michelle Grubb (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: January 19, 2016 – 240 pgs


Rome. A shocking discovery and dark secrets. Is the leader of the Catholic Church hiding something that could change the world?

Investigative journalist Flic Bastone overhears a startling conversation she can’t ignore. There is no proof, nor does she want any. Poking into Vatican affairs is dangerous. Aware that the secret could soon be exposed to the world, Flic hastily pens a novel that shares alarming similarities to the uncovered truth.

Eager to capitalize on what they recognize as a best seller, Griffin Publishers fast-tracks the novel to print, propelling marketing guru Anna Lawrence and Flic on a grueling promotional tour. Pushed closer together when attempts are made on Flic’s life, their growing attraction intensifies. Who’s targeting Flic? And will Anna move beyond her own religious beliefs while their worlds fall apart?

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After overhearing a conversation in a Rome cafe Flic writes a fictionalised account of a Vatican secret. In her book the pope is gay and within a year rumours abound that it is true and a huge publishing house wants to reprint her book and make it a blockbuster. Her new publisher, Dee, sets her on the path to fame and fortune but there are huge risks involved in becoming so well known. Marketing exec Anna is partnered with Flic as she travels Europe publicising thebook and she becomes attracted to her. The only problem is that Anna is a devout Catholic and apparently anti-gay.
The story centres around the dangerous situation both women are now in as an offshoot of Opus Dei tries to kill Flic. I enjoyed this increasingly tense and thrilling aspect of the book and found it well paced and totally absorbing. The women become closer and closer as they are pushed together due to these circumstances. Will Anna be able to overcome her apparent homophobia? Can she forgive Flic for writing about her precious church in such a way? I thought Anna was a well written character and full of contradictions. She had long held beliefs that were going to be hard to let go. Flic was inspiring and I wanted her to have her happy ever after, but would she?
The romance was a slow burner but so worth it. I wanted them to be together but there seemed to be so many obstacles in the way. In theend I found it beautifully told and so intense and tender.
A brilliant read and I have no hesitation in recommending it.
Kitty Kat
This book is one of the most thrilling and exciting books I have  read in a long time. It covered what is a controversial topic with style and aplomb. At no time was it disrespectful to the main subject matter and Ms Grubb produced a believable and gripping novel.
The two main characters were polar opposites yet slowly their relationship changed and a full blown love affair was revealed. At the same time the author led us on an exciting and gripping chase to find out who the protagonist was that was stalking theleading lady.
The book also raised questions surrounding love, religion and beliefs. Ms Grubb did this while maintaining her readers interest and absorption in all aspects of this fascinating novel.
If you a looking for stimulating read coupled with a great love story and you are prepared to read something that some might consider rather a contentious issue then this book will certainly fulfil what you are looking for. I really enjoyed this novel and thoroughly recommend it.

If a story combines elements of romance, suspense, and religion, I can pretty much be guaranteed to read it. This book delivered on all three.

The biggest selling point for me was the excellent way Ms. Grubb handled thedifference of opinion on religious matters between atheist Flic and devoutly Catholic Anna. At no point were either of them expected to compromise on their views about God, yet they challenged each other on matters surrounding what it means to hold belief. I loved the dialog between them and the way they came to an understanding as their relationship grew. I feel this was done with a lot of grace and sensitivity, and I appreciate the gentle touch.

The action is nicely balanced with the romance. Both built nicely over thecourse of the book. I will admit to having multiple theories about the outcomes of both storylines, none of which were correct—and I’m glad. It held my interest throughout and gave me plenty of time to fall in love with Flic and Anna while still fearing for their safety.

This was an engaging and satisfying read.

Amy M.

This was an extremely interesting book, full of smart choices by the author and events that really provoke thought. What would happen if an investigative journalist overheard a conversation that revealed that the Pope was in a homosexual relationship? The easy answer would be an expose, but how fascinating that Grubb makes the readers realize how bad that would actually be. So Grubb has her journalist write a fictional account of the same thing. And the book is ready to be published right as the world waits for the Vatican to confirm or deny the allegation. A big publisher buys out the rights to the book and cashes in on the biggest story of the moment. Now the journalist/author is catapulted into fame, with supporters and detractors alike mobbing her appearances. Enter into the story the Catholic marketing guru, Anna, who is in charge of making the book a success. She feels like the book is an attack on her faith, but she can’t help liking Flic, the author of a suspiciously timely book about a gay Pope. Now add in a few others who don’t take kindly to the book and aren’t afraid to make their objection in a rather fatal manner. Things get dangerous pretty quickly for Flic, and Anna is close enough to go along for the ride.

This book explored what faith is, what happens when those we put on a pedestal turn out to be human after all, and whether one’s sexuality really affects job performance. I found the issues a bit thought-provoking, and interesting. The suspense was exciting, and the romance was interesting. I liked the book and recommend it whole-heartedly.

Amy P.


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Michelle is Tasmanian born and now resides in the UK, just north of London, with her wife. She’s a fair weather golfer, a happy snapper and a lover of cafes and book shops.

2105 is an exciting year for Michelle. Her debut novel, Getting Lost, has been released and in October, her second novel Keep Hold will hit the shelves. But it doesn’t stop there. January 2016 will see the release of the slightly controversial, The Fifth Gospel, her third novel.

For now, however, let Michelle take you on an adventure around Europe with the smart and sassy Stella. Hold on for the ride!

Getting Lost is Michelle’s debut novel.

Go on, seize the opportunity and get lost! You never know what you might find.
“28 days, 13 European countries…go on, get lost.”


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