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Title: An Unlocked Heart (Collars & Cuffs #1)
Author Name: K.C. Wells
Publication Date & Length: July 12, 2013 – 314 pgs


Since the death of his submissive lover two years ago, Leo hasn’t been living—merely existing. He focuses on making Collars & Cuffs, a BDSM club in Manchester’s gay village, successful. That changes the night he and his business partner have their weekly meeting at Severinos. Leo can’t keep his eyes off the new server. The shy man seems determined to avoid Leo’s gaze, but that’s like a red rag to a bull. Leo loves a challenge.

Alex Daniels works at Severinos to scrape together the money to move out on his own. He struggles with coming out, but he’s drawn to Leo, the gorgeous guy with the icy-blue eyes who’s been eating in his area nearly every night.

Leo won’t let Alex’s hesitance get in the way. He even keeps him away from the club so as not to scare him. And as for telling Alex that Leo is a Dom? Not a good idea. One date becomes two, but date two leads to Leo’s bedroom… and Alex discovers things about himself he never realized—and never wanted anyone to see.

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I LOVED this story.  Alex and Leo are perfectly paired.  They are able to grow individually in this story, which in turn allows them to grow together.  I absolutely hated Alex’s family at first.  Mom, dad and brother were all there to create havoc for Alex – there was no support and no where for him to turn.  I really wanted someone to stand up for him and I loved Leo even more when he was able to show Alex true support and what that would look like.

Despite Alex’s family – in the end, I loved just one member and despite it being a little too late, they were redeemed in my head.

This story had some serious sexual fun in it and the chemistry that was shared between these two was off the charts.  Each character wanted to protect the other, which I found a common theme, but one that worked in this story nonetheless.  I will definitely be enjoying the rest of this series!



I started with book 6, not knowing it was part of a series, loved it and had to go back to the beginning. So here I am at the beginning and I am hooked all over again!!! This book wasn’t very heavy on the BDSM but that was ok with me, it went with the story. This was a touching story about Leo and Alex. How can you not love these two? I felt the characters grow and get to know each other and fell in love with them. There was some angst, especially with Alex’s family, but who doesn’t have family drama/angst? I loved this book and the characters and will for sure read the entire series….and in order this time.



It is hard to put into words how much I loved this book!
I did go into this book nervous because I have read a few M/M Bdsm books before and honestly I did not care for them because I never felt that relationship between the Dom and Submissive.  With this book I felt it between Leo and Alex through the whole book.
Everything was explained in this book with what a relationship like this consists of perfectly. Leo was such a good Dom in this book and the way he cared for his submissive Alex was so sweet and caring.
There is a little angst with Alex’s family and I felt like it was handled very well.  I do not want to go into much more detail because I don’t want to give away any spoilers.
I will leave this review with K.C. Wells has definitely made me a fan of M/M Bdsm books now and I would 100% recommend this book!
I have to say after reading the sixth book in this series, I HAD to start at the beginning because I loved it so much. Sadly, I didn’t love this book as much as I thought I would though. Not that the writing wasn’t a good as I’ve come to expect from K.C. Wells, there was just something that didn’t work for me.
I felt like although the book was suppose to be about BDSM it was more vanilla. Although we did see a lot of the D/s side of their relationship so perhaps that was more of what Ms. Wells wanted to portray of the BDSM lifestyle.
I guess I just have to say that it was a good book, but for me it was… to fluffy and sweet and not what I expected. However, for those of you who are just dipping your toes into the BDSM books this might be exactly what you need. There is a lot of hints of what may be coming up in the next books in the series and that’s what has me super excited for the next book in the series.


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Born and raised in the north-west of England, K.C.Wells always loved writing. Words were important. Full stop. However, when childhood gave way to adulthood, the writing ceased, as life got in the way.

K.C. discovered erotic fiction in 2009, where the purchase of a ménage storyline led to the startling discovery that reading about men in love was damn hot. In 2012, arriving at a really low point in life led to the desperate need to do something creative. An even bigger discovery waited in the wings – writing about men in love was even hotter…

K.C. now writes full-time and is loving every minute of her new career.

The laptop still has no idea of what hit it… it only knows that it wants a rest, please. And it now has to get used to the idea that where K.C goes, it goes.



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