The Island Keepers by Kristopher Quentin #MM #NewAdult #Romance


Title: The Island Keepers
Author Name: Kristopher Quentin
Publication Date & Length: January 4, 2015


They could hardly have been less alike.

David is striking, smooth, charismatic, blond with an ice melting smile, and possesses an unmistakable gift as a fiction writer. Wyatt is as plain as paper, short by comparison, mildly hairy, white as a ghost, graceless, a celebrated oil painter. He is single and he is out. David, raised a strict evangelical fundamentalist, is embarrassed by his own virginity. Both men are sent to Puffin Island and, David’s heart struggles with his imbedded childhood dogma and lethally homophobic parents, propelling him to establish an unthinkable bond of love with Wyatt, and, when the unthinkable happens, and Wyatt is left alone, he has no option but to move forward because there is a lot at stake. He turns to the unlikeliest of characters to fill the void, a person who will teach him an important lesson; that love is all about choice, and on making a decision, he must sacrifice a need that had been created by his past with David.


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“ I need to ask you a point blank question.”

“You can always ask, David. You know that.”

“I…I want to…I want know if…fuck this is so hard. Just a sec. I need to breathe.”

I waited a few moments, listening to him breathe deeply.

‘Okay, I’m ready. You still there?”

“Still here. What’s bothering you David?”

“I…I’ve never done this before so please forgive me for botching it up.”

“Talk to me, David.”

“Okay. Okay.” He whispered, and then taking a deep breath, said, “I want to know if you love me. I mean, are you in love with me?”

* * *

Knock me over with a feather.

I’d been staring out the window watching a couple of kittens chasing each other up and down a pair of maples in our yard.

Somehow, I suddenly identified with the chaser.

“I’ll answer that if you promise to answer the same question. Deal?”

I heard a gulp in my ear piece. “Perfect. I’ll answer it first since I asked it,” he said. “You need to know that I love you. I am in love with you. And I’m fucking miserable not having you by my side. I’m even more forlorn knowing you’re dating someone else.” He paused and took a deep breath. “Okay? There, I said it.”

“Do you feel better?”

“That depends on your answer.”


Kristopher Quentin has been writing for decades. He is

and broadcast journalist by trade, a man up at 3:45 every weekday

morning for a stint on the news desk; a little earlier on weekends to

write fiction in his man cave. An upstate New Yorker by birth, he now

lives in the most rural area of far northern Maine, USA, on 54-acres

of land: wooded, lawns, driveways, and a few buildings including his

four thousand square foot home which he calls the white house; because

it is. His property is home to moose, deer, rabbits, raccoons,

porcupines, fox, weasels, black bears, and one Bard owl.

He loves reading gay romances among other forms of fiction;

non-fiction; and memoirs most of which he considers to be fictional.

Travelling, dining out, boat riding are among his passions; that and

flying his own single engine airplane when he was younger.

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